10 Hair Care In Winter

10 Hair Care In Winter1. Hydration . Hydration is key in hair in all seasons. External agents acting on it though cold. The air , rain or even snow caused almost irreparable damage to your hair . The way to keep it off is to make hydration is an essential step in your beauty routine and masks based hair oils .

2 . Suitable shampoo . Each corresponds to a particular hair shampoo, if we use the wrong products we are damaging our hair. Detects what type of hair you have and acquire the right products for fine , dry , oily , curly or straight hair .
3 . Heat tools . In winter, especially dryer are almost essential . So bad is going outside with wet hair in cold weather as abuse dryers, and curling irons . Use these items sparingly and dry your hair before towel to reduce drying time and thus the risk of damage.
4 . Home Treatments . In winter you will have more time to apply home treatments on your hair. Masks softeners , brighteners teas, smoothies moisturizing , apply any remedy you decide to improve your hair you must act on your hair for at least 15 minutes. Then just rinse and wash as usual , will reinforce your hair in winter and give him all the care you need.
5 . Prevents frizz. With the cold air all tend to show more hair frizz when the weather is drier. To combat this effect products to grab it as blisters or anti frizz sprays .
6. Hair loss. Hair falls are cyclical with seasonal changes . If this winter are noticing more hair you lose the account , use Fall shampoo for a month and you will notice how your hair again the it was. You can also use reinforcing blisters or food supplements to prevent this from happening .
7. Wet Hair and low temperatures. You seem presumptuous but damp hair exposed to cold temperatures can freeze. Particularly porous hair absorb moisture and in doing so , they expand causing the hair very easily freeze and , of course , damage.
8. Hair treatments . After the summer is the best time for hair treatments that help repair damaged hair summer and prepare for the new season , cold and dreary even your hair done . Keratin treatments are the best because they nourish the hair , give it an extra shine, seal the cuticles and last for three months , perfect for excessive leave us cold .
9. Haircut. Winter is a good time to give us a good cut the mane, for two reasons : we get rid of a stroke of the summer cause havoc with our hair and maintain a perfect tip , with the humidity and heat tools , they tend to be more open in winter.
10. Good food. Food is key to keep your hair healthy and shiny , you know that what you ingest is directly reflected on the outside. People with stress, food borne illness or simply carry a poor diet are characterized by look thinner , dull and unhealthy hair. To maintain a healthy and beautiful hair you need to eat properly .