How To Keep Your Skin Well Hydrated

When you do sport you know that your skin loses moisture through sweat, but also if you play a sport outdoor added aggression as wind, cold , heat, sun that make your skin even more dehydrated. What can you do ? Of course, keep practicing the sport that you like and helps you maintain your health.

How To Keep Your Skin Well Hydrated

Best Skin Well Hydrated

To ensure good hydration to your skin while practicing sport, it is important to drink water, maintain a diet rich in vegetables and fruits provide vitamins and water that your skin needs, from outside give cosmetic respect, you seal and provide hydration your skin.

Hydration Body

Soft -Gel and moisturizing bath.

Use a daily moisturizer or oil if you apply it morning and night will have better results. Essential aplicartelo after physical exercise.

Hydration Body Beauty Tips

Hydration Face

Clean your skin with a gentle and moisturizing product , are ideal for this time for its convenience format and texture water cleaners.

A must follow up with a moisturizing toner after cleansing and before you get any treatment.

Apply twice a week a moisturizing mask to control the rate of water in your skin.

Use a moisturizing serum every day, and night before applying a treatment cream.

Apply a moisturizer day and night.

Hydrating Face For Best Skin Well Hydrated