7 Foods That Can Choke You

7 Foods That Can Choke YouOne bite , that is independent of food must be chewed to about 40 times according to a study by the University of Iowa in the United States. This action not only reduces appetite , it also prevents an accident which may cause death : asphyxiation by food.
In a food choking , throat is clogged or partially complete , so that there is not enough oxygen to the lungs. Without oxygen permanent brain damage can occur in just 4-6 minutes in addition to the first aid if they do not give the person may die.

They do not taste quite the breath.

For the researcher of the National Children’s Hospital in Ohio in the United States, Gary Smith, there are foods whose characteristics are more likely to block the airway or are more difficult to chew which can lead to an event of severe asphyxia .

However, what are these foods. Here we say 7 of them by information Advice Nutrition California Department of Education.

1. Sausages ( hot dogs ) , popcorn and whole grapes .
2 . Ice gum.
3 . Nuts and seeds .
4 . Hard and sticky candy.
5 . Raisins and other dried fruits.
6. Raw vegetables into pieces.
7. Stone fruits like peaches dates .

Chewing insistently food before swallowing reduces the amount you eat and the desire that makes you eat more than you need. Also , eating slowly increase levels of CCK, a hormone related to satiety, and reduces the concentration of ghrelin , a hormone that stimulates appetite in the brain.

Remember that your health is in your hands. Do not forget and chew your food well.