7 Tips For Choosing Your Bed

7 Tips For Choosing Your BedEstimates of the Sleep Disorders Clinic at the National Autonomous University of Mexico , 34 million Mexicans suffer from sleep disorders and 10% of them chronically hoarse . The reasons are manifold. One is the status of the mattress , pillow , and of course , the atmosphere of the room.

It is so important to the quality of the bed where we slept to the American Sleep Foundation (NSF , for its acronym in English ) we should sleep on a mattress of good quality and in a cool , quiet and dark environment , free from noise and other distractions.

The bed should psychologically the activities associated with sleep and sex, not for dinner, watch TV , work on the computer or doing homework.

Recommendations for Choosing a Good Bed

One third of our life is spent in bed. Something as important as sleep disorders are not just a matter of quantity but also quality . So in Salud180.com we give 7 tips to choose a good bed :

1. Do not skimp on buying a good mattress , a good foundation and a good pillow .

2 . Al mattress should be replaced every 10 years. Consider the point elasticity of the mattress : the base must give without excesses under the heavier parts of the body (shoulders and pelvis) , while providing firm support for the lighter areas.

3 . A new mattress on an old foundation or shoddy breaks before, it is best to renew the team off to full . A good mattress is one that supports the entire spine when lying on your back is .

Latex mattresses , the more expensive and durable , containing millions of tiny holes that allow the body to perspire . They are also hypoallergenic.

4 . The ideal thickness of the mattress is 15 inches and above, the long, 10 inches more than the height of who will sleep on it and the recommended minimum width , 80 inches for a single bed and a double to 135 centimeters .

5 . The base or couch should be firm and uniform. Opt for a rigid or semi-rigid sheets with gaps to allow good ventilation.

6. The pillow should be adapted to the volume of our head, neck length and shoulder width .

7. If you usually sleep on your back , the pillow should be low and soft , to ensure that the cervical spine form with the same angle as when standing . If the preferred sleeping position is on his side, the pillow should be high and hard to maintain the neck in the axis of the spine making sure not to drop or rotate .

The filling should be neither too soft nor too hard , should have the strength needed to prevent the head from falling backwards.

When buying a good bed, compare year warranty offered by each manufacturer of mattresses. Note that this is a major expense and an article that should last at least a decade .

Avoid sleeps disturbances and enjoys a fuller life through a good sleep.