How To Apply Base Color For Party Makeup Match Your Skin

Choosing Base Color For Party Makeup is very important and crucial because your whole makeup look is depend upon base foundation or primer. If you use a perfect base according to your skin tone then it will give a smooth and clear look by hiding lines, spots. It also helps your makeup to stay long because it causes less sweating.Base Color For Party Makeup

Base Color For Party Makeup

There are different color skin tones such as dark, fair, normal and light skin complexions. On all type of complexions you can not put one type of base or foundation because there are different bases for every type of skin. First you have to choose your skin toner according to color of your skin. Following are some steps for applying base on different skins.

Applying Base On Fair Skin ComplexionApplying Base On Fair Skin Complexion

It is sometimes become difficult to choose perfect base for fair skin because there are also many types in fair skin such so choose a neutral color that don’t have strong undertones. You can read product prescription apply only 1 to 2 layers in equal tone on all over the face. Start from forehead and spread on face using circular motion.Base Or Primer For Pale Skin

Base Or Primer For Pale Skin

Sometimes paleness is due to unhealthy growth in red blood cells which cause pale complexion and fades away glow of skin but grateful to makeup brands you can improve your skin look by using them. Don’t choose color which create artificiality. You can use two colors layers in soft and smooth tones to give a natural look. Apply light brown one layer and slightly brighter than previous, use your middle three fingers for applying on whole face.Base Foundation For Lighter Skin Tone

Base Foundation For Lighter Skin Tone

Mostly there is a difference between face and neck skin color so choose base color that is in form mousse, powder, gel or moisturizers according to your neck. Use brushes or sponge to apply base you can also use water base it will protect make up. Apply thin layers of water base until it matches your neck skin tone.Darker Skin Foundation

Darker Skin Foundation

Darker skin Base Color For Party Makeup is sometimes become very choosy because one can adjust rather easily with other skin tones than darker tones. Because what you will do it gives artificial effect so choose brown colors for dark skin what will they do they enhance the tone with better look than first.