Basic Tips To Look Gorgeous

I have a group of gorgeous females and they all are load with some simple and tricky tips to look and feel beautiful, and I am digging into the secrets of the mesmerizing beauty of all over the world today and you will see that it is not very difficult to get a perfect modern style look with a perfect skin are and cosmetic too, I have compiled a list of top beauty tips that would help you look beautiful and gorgeous no matter what kind of skin you have or what kind of person you are.

Basic Tips To Look Gorgeous1- Three-Step Beauty Regime:- There was a time when girls use to think that washing their face with water and sop is enough and it was actually enough too, but in the time of healthy ozone when pollution was not as bad and harmful as it is now, if you want to have beautiful skin naturally then follow three steeps cleansing regime, even if you were born with beautiful and flawless skin, you still need to maintain the look and for that clean your face every day and better if you can 2 times a day and then exfoliating with very mild scrub every night and then moisturizer every time you wash your face or you feel dry or itchy, you can use plain wipes to clean your face during the day too, but if you can then carry some scrubbing gel with your all the time and clean your face with that.

2- Apply Base Before Makeup:- If you have been following the healthy skin cleaning then you would think that you don’t need any kind of base with such beautiful  and healthy skin, but actually it is not right, no matter what you feel, apply some sort of base on your face before applying makeup, if you have perfect skin and you don’t need to use foundation or concealer then you can use BB cream or you can use tint moisturizer, but still you need to apply some sort of base to get better look, to get perfectly fresh and smooth look and it will keep your face oil-free and hydrated, at the same time and will hold the makeup for longer time of periods.

Tips to Look Attractive3- Pick Face Powder Wisely:- Normally I say don’t use face powder on your face, but if you have to then pick with very cleaver mind, first of all you need to make sure you are picking the right shade of face powder for yourself and then you need to make sure the ingredients are good for your skin and make sure it has transparent finish and will not give you a cakey look.

4- Blusher Or Bronzer:- I love mineral bronzer and I personally thing that it is one thing that can give you a perfect look even without anything else, it is one product that work for everything, but the thing is are you using it sole or you mixing it with your blusher? If you are then you got o be very carefully cause it can ruin the look completely, you need to be pro with your face and your features before playing with these two things and if you are not then let the blusher rest till you get a better grip on your looks and let the mineral bronzer mesmerize the world and pay all the attention on the placement of mineral bronzer, and make sure you are not building up the product when you are using it to contour your face cause it can actually fire up your look too.

Tips to Look Beautiful Naturally5- Highlight Eye Bones To Highlight Your Eyes:- When you are taking things slow then it is better to pay attention on tricks then playing with shades, go smooth with shades and pick one base and apply some highlighter all over your lid and on your bone and then use liner and mascara, you can use shades too, but don’t add too much on your lids and apply light and natural looking lip gloss.