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Beautiful Blue Eye Make Up

Blue is an amazing bright color and it feel so cool and soothing too, but there are not so many who dare to try unusual shade, especially in day to day life, normally we call natural or nude shades wearable shade and we stick with them for our day to day look, but if you use something new, it not only help y better looks, but it will brighten up your looks too and that was the main reason and the main motivation behind the look we are going to create today.

Beautiful Blue Eye Make UpWe will start with moisturized skin and then we will apply foundation all over the lid and around the skin of eyes too and blend well, now we will take the bright black pencil and draw a line on the crease and create the smooth wing over the crease , now we will take some dark brown shade and will apply over the line and blend it well, but not downward, in face we will apply upward, all over the crease and some over the crease, you can add some more shade if you feel it is not getting the right impression, then we will take some pure blue eye shadow and apply very carefully over the lid and follow the wing too, but don’t take it to the brown shade at all, you should use the smallest shadow brush you have to make sure you don’t sabotage the look with mixing these two shades.

Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Blue EyesNow once you are done with shadow you need to add some shimmer, you have two options, you can either use silver shimmer over the blue or you can use blue simmer to enhance the look, so keep it in the lines and apply the shimmery blue eye shadow on top of it and use tabbing application instead of rubbing or blending, now we will take black gel liner and apply a thick line over the upper lash line as close as possible and you can sue the same liner on the lower lash line too or you can take black pencil and apply on your lower lashes , and some on the water line too and then take slightly blue silver highlighter or you can mix silver highlighter with blue shade and apply with thin brush over your tear duct and slightly under your whole lower lash too.

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Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

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Beautiful Blue Eye Make UpFinish the look with couple of good coats of mascara, you can use pure black too or you can pick brown mascara to enhance the look.