Beautiful Chic Look

My school was throwing a reunion of my session and I was pretty excited, I picked a white and black dress which was the combination of our school uniform too, but I wanted a young and cute look too without too much shades and too much artificial touches, so I tried a very cute, beautiful and simple chic look and I am sharing that with you, I hope you will like it.

As I told you that I wanted to have beautiful and fresh look so I paid all my attention on my skin, I actually had had facial just one day prior to the function and I love the results too, cause I wanted to keep things simple so I started with concealer and I applied the products on under the eyes, down the nose and sides of nose, chin and forehead and then I take some foundation on a wet sponge and blend the concealer with that sponge and that give me best coverage possible and then apply a lose transparent face powder all over my face to finish the look.

Beautiful Chic LookNow I take some contouring shade and use BB blush Brush and apply the shade over the forehead, cheekbones, neck and sides of nose, since I personally think that my nose is the best feature of my face so I pay attention to highlight it, it not only make my nose narrow but it highlight the cheek bones too.

Now I am taking the pale pink iridescent shadow and apply on my cheekbones and blend it from Underneath the bone to hair line and then I am taking the same brush that has some product on it too and apply some storks on the center of the nose and under the waterline and it will make eyes look more prominent and more fascinating.

Now groomed my brow and applied white iridescent shadow over the lid and then I toke the same brush to apply some on brow bone, and on the inner corners of eyes  too and it is not only working as highlighter, it is making my eyes look more bright and shiny too and that is the only shade I used on the eyes, apply a wing with a gel liner and some mild mascara, you can use fake lashes too if you like to or you can add some nude eye liner on the inner water line and finish the look with nude lips gloss and chick hair style.

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Beautiful Chic LookI hope you liked that look.