Beautiful Lilac Eyes

I love shades, way more than colors, and I certainly love shades of purple and the look we are going to try today is a magical shiny Lilac eye look, you can call it smoky eyes, but we are not blending liners with that, so it has some smoky touch since we are going to rub shades, but at the same time we will keep the personality of shades intake, you will be able to see the shades I am going to use in that look, you would be able to tell which shade is covering the lid and which is enhancing the crease.

Beautiful Lilac EyesThis is going to be a very velvety, highly-pigmented, easy-to-blend eye shadows look and for that I want you to pick powdered shades with bright shiny glow in it, but if you have shade in mats, then you have to add some transparent shine in it to get the look we are looking for, We will start with applying lost of moisturizer and foundation or concealer all over the face and pay attention on applying and blending to get smooth look and then we will take the lightly glowing primer and will apply it all over the lid and then we will take concealer brush and apply a thin layer of eye shadow base all over the lid from lashes to the brows, you can use a bit shine one under the brows to sharpen the brow arch and blend with finger to get perfect look.

Before going to my eye borrow, I will apply a pure black liner at the top and bottom lash lines and extend the outer wing, and then I will fill the eye brows with light eye shades to get the well groomed look and then I will take a thin eye shadow brows and take light black gray shadow and roughly apply it over the crease to give a definition to my crease line and then I will blend it all the way from outer corner of the eye to inner crease and then apply a thin line of light brown liner and it will give a depth to my eyes and then blend it a bit and then apply the same shade on the lower lash line.

Now I will take some simple and light powdered formed purplish mauve shade and apply at the edge of the lid, the outer corner of the eye and then and then take the white eye shadow with the blending brush and start blending it on the lid, you need to blend it inward, all the way from outer edge to inner corner and you need to keep the shade even, now you need to take shiny slightly lavender shade and apply it all over the lid.

Now you need to take shiny shimmery lavender shade and apply at the outer end of the lid at the V of the eye but don’t blend it too much and then take pearly pink highlighter and apply it at the inner corner of the eye and sparkly taupe over the bone and blend well. Now I applied a liquid liner over my lash line wing and then pure white pencil liner directly under my wing for an exotic look.

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Beautiful Lilac EyesFinish the look with mascara and you are ready to rock.