Beautiful Winter Look

Winter is a season of blue icy looks all around and people normally use grays and dull looking subtle shades in this season, but that is something I cannot understand, when you can use bright shades in bright summer, then why cannot you use beautiful shads and color in winter? The look I am sharing with you a very versatile and can be worn in any season really, but it is a very perfect look for winter, when you actually need to add shades on face, cause we look like zombies and vampires during the winter, I hate to see red nose and eyes and icy white lips and cheeks with exhaling smoke people and I always love to add some shades in these days and some thick moisturizer layers on bodies and hands, want to get a look that can save your in that time.

Beautiful Winter LookWe will start with the foundation or concealer and I when we are getting ready for winter then do you know what the main thing you need to keep in mind while you buy the foundation or concealer is? It is the moisturizer and sunscreen equalities of your products, you have to start with applying the moisturizer and serums, and then give it some time, but at the same time you need to make sure that your foundation or concealer does have a thick moisturizer qualities and they work as sunscreen too.

Now when you are done with base, apply a very small amount of transparent lose powder just to set the look  and now we will start with eyes and we will start with a applying the primer, and then we will take a fair light shade eye shadow base and apply it all over the lid and blend well and then I will take a pure black Gel liner and apply a thin line over the upper lash and let the wing do out the edge and before it get set, take a blending brush and start blending the outer corner and blend it inward and define the crease with it, you can add black eye pencil too to get the perfect look, now you need to take a shiny copper shade and apply it in the middle of your eye lid and blend it all over your lid, cover the gray crease though and now take a pure white highlighter and apply it over the eye brow bone and on the inner corner of your eyes and a bit under the lower lash line and blend it with finger and finish the look with mascara.

Now take the slightly shiny Peach blush and apply it over the cheeks, I like to add shads and shine for winter look and try to get a heavy blush in winter and add some shine to get a summer look, now take a bright mineral bronzer and use it to add shine in your look and contour your face too, it is better to get a bit darker shade for contouring and a lighter shade for getting glam look in the skin.

Now I want to apply a darker shade of pink on lips, if you feel comfortable with gloss then you can try or you can go with lipstick, but use bright shade and you are ready to go.

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Beautiful Winter Look