Beauty Shortcuts To Save Time

If your daily hair and makeup regimen is making your either late from work or if they are making you get up a bit earlier than here is what you need to do, you need to sit down with your product and see which is good to use for special occasion and which is good to work in the morning and which will work faster and work to save your time and today we are going to shade some simple shortcuts which will not only help you save time, but will help you get better and perfect looks.

Beauty Shortcuts To Save TimeHere are Some Simple Beauty Shortcuts:

Skip The Shampoo:- If you don’t have time to follow all the hair routine then it is better to not to start with that, it is better to skip wash and blow dry, instead try spray dry shampoo in your roots and then blow dry for a minute or two to get a little volume an then comb your hair and you are done, but if you don’t have time or that does not work for you too then it is better to use your freshly washed hair for couple of days then try sock bun or make some crazy yet cute hair styles.

Make Your moisturizer Work Double:- Even when you are low on time and you think that you don’t have time for all base and makeup then it is time to make your moisturizer to work faster and better and for that take some moisturizer in your hands and add some liquid foundation or concealer and some sunscreen and rub it well between your hands and then apply it all over your face and blend really very well and then apply some lose powder or mineral bronzer and trust me, you are ready to do.

Combine Two Steps:- Always try to mix couple of steeps together like we just did with moisturizer, if you are applying shade on your lid, apply pencil and then blend it with another shade and it will give you perfect Pro look and if you are missing liner and all mascara thing then just line your curler with eye liner pencil and curl your lashes and it will actually help you get perfect liner and lashes at the same time, and no one could tell.

Try Creams:- I know that powder give better coverage and grip, but when you don’t have time them pick creams for that and they will not only look beautiful and smooth, yet they will keep your skin moisturizer and healthy and you don’t need to sit down with your blending brush to blend them for ages, just rub, even with your own hands and you are done.

Daylight Savings Beauty ShortcutsGet Ready In 3 Minutes:- Normally I keep sharing simple looks that you can use when you don’t have time , so try to keep such kind of things in your mind and when you don’t have time to follow all the usual makeup routine, then don’t go for it, instead try tint moisturizer, some very good and nicely rub concealer under your eyes, mascara and some mineral bronzer all around your jaw line and some on your cheeks and your are done, take your lip gloss with you and apply on the way to your work, If you decider and are determined that you will not go out with nude face then trust me, you can actually do that.