Beauty Tips For Light Skin Tone

No matter if you are blonde or brunette, if you have lighter skin tone then there are some simple yet super affective certain beauty secrets which work great only to your fair skin type and we are going to talk about beauty tips and tricks for ladies with porcelain complexion today and I am hoping that they will help you get prettier personality.

Beauty Tips For Light Skin ToneHere are some tips and tricks for the woman with light skin tone:

If you want to look fresh and healthy then use shades, don’t use light, pale lipstick colors or lips gloss, they look great in bottles and they look fascinating, but they don’t look good on you, . In fact, these colors can make you look sick, instead of healthy, pick bright lipstick colors instead and use them even during day to day life.

If you have pale skin and, especially, if you also have light blonde hair then natural shades and tones are not for you, try to avoid pale eye shadow colors, cause they will make your eyes look sunken instead of giving the dimension to your eyes, pick shades of your own eye color and then mix and match shade to make your eyes stand out.

No matter what kind of eyes you have or shape you have, there would be some lines of liner which go with your looks, so look for that and use liner, and apply on your eyes and pick black eyeliner, but if it does not look good on your eyes then you can try brown or grey one or bright dramatic colors, they look pretty good.

Beauty Tips For Glowing SkinIf you have fair skin and lighter facial hair then you need to help your eyes with darker mascara to look pretty and add some more dimension to your face, black mascara will make your eyes pop and stand out, but bright shades look cuter, try according to your own choice.

No matter if you are applying foundation or concealer or not, you have to add some shade on your face and for that you should pick blusher of natural shades, any shade of baby pink or natural pink will look great, use warm shade of bronzer to contour your face, on your cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and, even, on your neck and add some highlighter over your cheeks to make your cheeks more prominent and then apply some blush to add freshness and glow to your complexion.

Beauty Tips For Fair Skin at Home