Beauty Tips For New Moms

We all know that it is a festival season is here and we all love to look beautiful, if you just have delivered your baby and if it is your first baby then there is no time for mask and cleaning, well I do know couple of girls who have new born babies and they are keeping the skin care routine pretty regular and they are keeping an eye on their diet too  and they are already around their previous size, so it is not like you cannot, but if you are determine then you can, but if you feel it too much then just have a look at cheat tips to get beautiful  looks with your darling new born baby.Beauty Tips For New MomsFirst thing first, try to get a facial and pro skin cleaning done around the festival and then try to maintain it:

Use air brush waterproof foundation or concealer and pay all of your efforts to blend, you need to blend it out and keep blending till you feel satisfied and then apply some lose face powder and use transparent one. Use a white or flesh tone eye liner and apply it on the rim of your eyes as it will give a very bright and fresh looking eyes and it will add a beautiful and fresh touch in your looks too.

Pick a nude pale shimmer shadow with your finger and rub it on the inner corner of the eyes and it will make sure people look at your eyes instead of the dark circles around your eyes. You need to pay attention on your eyebrows, you need to get it perfectly tweezed and well shaped and if you want to look beautiful and fascinating then you need get perfectly shaped eye brows, you need use gel to brush them upwards too, and it will help you to keep the shape intake and you can use mascara brush for that too.

No matter what, you have to get time to treat your puffy eyes, you can sue spoons, cucumber slices of whatever you feel appropriate for that, if you grind some raw cucumber and squeeze out all the juice and then put the remain cucumber on your eye and lie down for 5 minutes and it will calm down the inflammation of your eye perfectly.

Use lip balm all the time, dehydration can be devastating after delivery, so drink lots of water and apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline on your lips all the time and if you have normal skin then you can use it on your face and on your hands too to get the magical results. Use mild shampoo and try to add some glycerin in your shampoo and you can add some honey in your leave in conditioners and use red beer as a final rinse.

I don’t know about your family, but the old folks of my family make a special oil for new moms, take three cups of pure butter and cook hand full of almonds in it till they get black and then grind and string that oil and use every day, you can use this oil on your scalp and keep it for 2 days and then take a bath with worm water and let your hair get dry with fresh air and then apply the oil again.

Busy Mom Beauty TipsIf you don’t have time for full fledged cleaning then keep hand creams, eye creams, lip balms and face cleaning wipes on the bedside table and use them whenever you get time and use cotton socks to keep your feet worm and clean.