Best Activities to Lose Weight & Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Today I am going to introduce some very simple and actually some very interesting ways to lose weight, if you are one of my kind of gal then you are going to love these activities to Lose Weight cause I am not a gym kind of girl so I designed my own system to lose weight and burn calories and I never spend a penny for this.

Best Activities to Lose Weight

Best Activities to Lose Weight & Weight Lose Tips

Running:- Yes! Running is one of my all time favorite and all time affective way to lose weight, I know it is not one of the Best Ways to Lose Weight though, but this is something everyone can do, you just need to start your day with a 45 minutes running and end your day with a god 30 minutes running, no matter how much you run, just give it your best and it will give you the best results, and you will burn 600 calories in an hour, sounds very fun, you will see yourself.

Running Plan to Lose Weight

Rowing:- It is a very simple and fun activity specially for the ladies how love to burn fat and get in shape at the same time and you will actually love doing that too, it is a very excellent exercise to lose weight and it is very affective for your upper body muscles too, not only for toning for strengthening too.

Rowing For Weight Loss

Swimming:- Swimming is a overall weight lose activity and this is what I call the best way to get fit and lose weight, it burns a whopping 600 calories an hour and with the same time it give you a beautifully toned body and well moisturizer and hydrated skin too and you don’t need to go every day, best activities to lose weight just three hours a week is more than enough for overall weight loss.

Swimming For Weight Loss

Racquetball:- It’s another very interesting and have very powerful way to lose weight and get in better shape too, it increase the heart rate as much as possible and this is the easiest way to make your body lose weight, it’s pretty high-paced, best activities to lose weight intense sport which burn calorie at highest rate and you enjoy it a lot so you keep it going for hours and if you like it then you can actually play it every day if you want.

Racquetball For Weight Loss

Bicycling:- I love to go out for hiking and cycle race with my gals, you can get all the benefits of bike with stationary bike or enjoying an outdoor breeze, best activities to lose weight and you will see you losing 500 calories a hour and if you are running cycling on the heels and uneven roads then you can actually burn 800 calories per hour.

Bicycling For Weight Loss

Aerobics:- If your body response to music then it is what you need to do, play some nice music and let your body follow the rhythm and it will not only help you get more flexibility, but it will make you lose weight too, you can try some simple and easy aerobics and simple aerobics moves, or you can try Sumba or other fitness dances and they will help you get in shape in a very fun way and you will see that if you lose weight with these aerobics exercises, best activities to lose weight you will actually start getting more well shaped legs and arms too.

Aerobics For Weight Loss