Best Shoes For Summer & Shoe Trends Spring Summer

Best Shoes For Summer & Shoe Trends Spring SummerBest Shoes For Summer & Shoe Trends, I love all sort of heels, but some are practical and some are not, I know there is no comparison with Christian Louboutin, and nothing is more elegant than Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Roger Vivier knows how to add Style in Shoes, but I love the way John Galliano create things, I can talk about it all day long, but I was talking about what are the good shoes and Best Shoes For Summer, what are the not too good heels for summer or I have a small list of shoes which every girls should have during summer 2014 and I am going to talk about my all time favorite Kitten heels, wedges, pumps, stilettos, and peep-toes, they all look unique in tier own ways and if you have these shoes you have something for any kind of occasion.

Best Shoes For Summer

Best Shoes For Summer

Kitten Heel Shoes For Summer

The kitten heel is the perfect heel for the woman who wants a simple step up from a flat, they are the most comfortable heels you can try if this is a very first time you are trying heels, kitten heel, which only ranges in height between 1.5 to 2 inches are not only very feminine , but these are very stylish too and these lower heel height and less extreme arch will give you courage to keep it on all day long, best shoes for summer,I don’t use these since I love a bit sleek and high heels but this heel tends to best shoes for summer, work very well for taller women who are conscious about a higher heel accentuating their height.

Kitten Heel Shoes For Summer

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Wedge Shoes For Summer

The wedge are high heels with absolutely perfect balance and comfort level  and that is one reason why I call them great summer shoe, but that does not mean that you cannot carry these during other seasons too, best shoes for summer, they look perfect with your fur coats, and the flat and durable heel make it a lot more functional for women who are looking for style and comfort and who stay on their toes all day long cause it distributes the body’s weight much more evenly and doesn’t involve the arches that a stiletto or pump might.

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Wedge Shoes For Summer

Pump Shoes For Summer

Now you are talking about the serious business, I love pumps and I can tell you that nothing make you more sexier and more delicate than a perfect pumps, I always say, no matter how painful it is, never ever go out on date without your pumps cause nothing can make your more interesting and perfect than a perfect pumps;) Pump is one of the more classic styles of heel that exists ever, its a beautiful  sleep heels with closed back and a low-cut front that hits close to the toes and how off your feet and the some part of your tones too and normally you buy a pump without any straps, laces, buckles, or ties, it is as simple as it is and can make you look out of this world, if you want to buy one then buy either nude or black, you can get one similar o silhouette with an added ankle strap or a t-strap for design purposes, but I prefer the old times pumps.

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