Bright Look For Green Eyes Makeup

Today we are going to create a very beautiful look for green eyes and let me confess seeming, the look we are going to create today was one of my shads fear, I though one should not use such a bright shade of maroon with green eyes, but you can see how beautiful it looked; and now before we shade the look, I have some information for all of you about the shade one with green eyes should use.

One of the Best Eye Shadow colors for green eyes is purple, without any doubt, and the shade you can pick according to the shade of your won eye, If you have light green eyes, medium and dark shades of purple can best complement it and if you have dark green eyes then light and medium shades of purple can go with your eyes and Green Eyes Look great with smoky eye shadow technique using purple try!!

Bright Look For Green Eyes Makeup

Bright Look For Green Eyes MakeupThen shades of gray, charcoal and even black can also look great with green eyes, you just need to be very careful and very smart to pick the placement and shades, for day time bright look for green eyes makeup, pick light and medium eye shadow shades and to add a dramatic nighttime effect pick smoky eye shadow look using these colors and add some harsh liners.

BTW you can pick Green too for your beautiful green eyes, but with lots of care cause the general rule of thumb is that you should never use the same shade of green as your eye color, but roles are meant to be broken, Light green eye shadow bright look for green eyes makeup with darker green eyes, while lighter green eyes look great with dark green shadow and if you add some silver liner then you can bright look for green eyes makeup with greens too.

Brown eye shadow can be a great choice for this eye color too like we pick green for brown eyes, they both bright look for green eyes makeup so cuter together, but its again, very important to find the right shade according to shade of your own eyes, chocolate brown and taupe are both great options for all shads of greens, but copper can also look great but with sparkling light shade of greens, cause copper can make your bright look for green eyes makeup odd and harsh too.

Natural Makeup Look For Green EyesSo now are you ready to get a rule breaking look for green eyes:

We will start with applying the eye foundation or concealer and then we will apply some lose power all over the lid and over the lashes too, now we will give some time to our skin to absorb the moisturizer and we will groom the eye brows, now take lightest brown shade you have and apply it all over the lid an blend supper well to get a base and then we will take shiny terracotta brown and golden shade and apply right over the lid and blend it well, we don’t apply the shad over the crease, just keep it under the crease, now we will take rich chocolate copper shade with small crease brush and we will apply the shade right over the crease and blend well, now take the same shade with small brush and apply it under the lower lash line too, but not over the water line, and not all the way, just 1/3 of your lower lash and then  we will take light bight silver highlighter and apply in the inner corner and on the tear duct too.

Green Eyes Makeup TipsNow take peach highlighter and apply on the brow bone and blend well, apply some under the lower lash line too, apply thick clack liner on the upper lash line and rub some under your lower lash line too and finish the bright look for green eyes makeup.