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Bright Maroon Eye Shadow Tutorial & Smokey Eye Tutorial

We are going to make a supper model look today with smooth well covered skin and with natural pink lips, I am keeping the eyes so hot that I personally think I don’t need shade on my cheeks, but if you miss your blush then you can add some natural shades on your cheek, but after you are done with your eyes, cause personally I think that the eyes are too heavy and you would feel too rushy with cheeks too, anyways! Are you ready for your beautiful eyes now.

Bright Maroon Eye Shadow Tutorial

Bright Maroon Eye Shadow TutorialFirst of all we will apply medium coverage base ad finish it with lose powder, now take some eye primer and apply all over your eyes and skin lighter concealer all around the skin, pay attention on the skin under your lower lash line, and then apply lose powder to seal the look, you need to keep your skin oil or o free specially the skin around your eyes, now we will start with the look.Beautiful Bright Eyeshadow Tutorial

We applied the Prime all over the lid and blend well, now we will place a clear tape at the outer corner as we apply with cat eyes angle, now fix it perfectly and then we will take the nice bright gold shadow with small brush and apply on the inner tear duct and inner third eye and blend well, use tabbing instead of grabbing or pulling.Bright Maroon Eye Shadow Tutorial

Now take the brightest maroon or burgundy shade you have and pat in the middle of the lid and blend the edges to smoothen the sharp edges, now you need to take the bright dark maroon or black shadow and apply into the outer V and blend into the crease, use small blending brush for this and blend in the crease, not in the lid, and apply the same shade in tape-line, use small brush if you need more clean line and make sure the shade create the perfect wing.Bright Maroon Eye Shadow

Now you need to take your winged liner brush and take perfect black liner and line your upper waterline and then peel off the tape, now you can see a perfect wing at the point where you had tab, line the wing with gel liner and now take liner brush and apply the same maroon shade over your lower lash line too, now clean the brush and pull the golden shad in your lower lash line too.A very light makeup calls for the lightest of eye shadows

Now take bright Vanilla glitter or highlighter and brighten the eye brows and rub the same finger over the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up your eyes and finish the look with mascara. See what shad of blush and lips gloss go with your look.

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