Burgundy Eye Makeup Tutorial & Burgundy Winged Eyeshadow Makeup

Today we are going to create a very sexy smoky hot look with champing silver with burgundy and a dramatic liner, I can tell you that if you apply the look perfectly and you blend well and use right angles then you would be the start of the night and you will get as much sport light as much you like.Burgundy Eye Makeup Tutorial

Burgundy Eye Makeup Tutorial

First of all apply the perfect and the flawless base and for that I want you to be perfectly natural don’t try to change the tone of your skin, if it is dark, own it and if you have fair flawless skin then stick with that and apply lose face powder to finish the look and now we will work on eyes now.

Burgundy Eye Makeup TutorialNow we will start with eyes and we will take one or two shades lighter foundation and apply over the eye lid and on the skin around the lid too and blend well, I wasn’t a slightly lighter skin around this intense look, then we will take rich burgundy eye pencil and will draw a sharp line over the crease and then we will take a blending brush and blend the line on the crease, try not to blend it over the lid, keep it on the crease and a bit over now take velvety burgundy shade with slightly shimmer in it and apply on the inner corner of the lid and blend over the crease well.Burgundy Burlesque Eyeshadow

Now take a pure black pencil and apply on the over v of the lid and blend a bit and then apply the same burgundy shade we used on the inner lid and apply on the black shade and blend in V look over the outer lid and let it cover the lower part of the lid too.

Burgundy Eye Makeup
Now we will take the richest and the shiner champing silver shade and apply right on the center of the lid and cover the almost all lid with that and use tabbing technique cause we don’t want to mix burgundy shade with that.How To Do Shimmery Eye Makeup

Now take the velvety burgundy shade that we applied on the corners of the lid with liner brush and apply on the lower lash line and smudge a bit, now take the best black gel liner you have and apply a dramatic thick and long wing over the lid, and then take black Kajal and cover your waterline with that too, you can apply some on tightline too if you like and now apply couple of coat of mascara and you are done, you don’t need highlighter with that glamorous look, but you can try some white highlighter on your inner corner of your eyes to get perfect look.

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