DIY Food Facials Mask & DIY Honey Face Mask

DIY Food Facials Mask & DIY Honey Face MaskToday I am going to share some of my all time favorite Food Facial Mask with you and they are all very good for almost all skin types and you can try it without getting any side effects, so are you ready to get beautiful  skin naturally.

DIY Food Facials Mask

DIY Honey Face Mask

Here are some of my all time favorite food facial masks for all of you:

The first facial Mask we are going to make is Pomegranate mask, since this miraculous fruit has millions of benefits and it is loaded with minerals and vitamins including a rich source of anti-oxidants which is magically good to treat impurities of your skin and keep it healthy ad beautiful and it is very healthy for almost all sort of skin types, and to make this mask you need 2 tablespoons of pomegranate seeds and 1 cup of raw oatmeal and we will mix with 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of buttermilk, we will make smooth paste with pomegranate seeds and oatmeal and then mix it with honey and buttermilk  and apply it over washed face for 30-45 minutes and then was it off with chilled water to get Beautiful  Lighter Skin tone.

DIY Face Mask For Acne

Another very famous fruit facial can be mad with cranberry fruit which is loaded with high level of anti-oxidants and rich in nutrition and they are very good to treat and prevent skin disease too and for that you need one single cup of freshly picked cranberries and one cup green or red seedless grapes and we will mash these well to make a smooth paste and then we will add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, and leave this mixture in the fridge for an hour to cool down and then we will apply it over the face for 30-45 minutes and then wash it off with running water, diy food facials mask it is one of the best ant aging, exfoliating masks and you can try it every week to get beautiful  younger looking skin.

Next thing which you can use to make a facial mask is pumpkin which is extreme richness in different vitamins and famous to get glow and fairness and it is very good to keep your skin young too, since it provide healthy amount of potassium, iron, zinc and lots of other minerals and nutrients, and for this mask you need two cups of pumpkin, four tablespoons of vanilla yogurt, four tablespoons of honey and we will blend all the ingredients together and put it in refrigerator, diy food facials mask now clean the skin with steam and water and then apply this mixture all over the face and neck for 20-45 minutes and then was it off with running water, it is very good for your whole body too.

DIY Food Facials Mask

Strawberry facial is very famous among mid-age women since strawberry is loaded with anti-aging powers and it is very good to get anti-oxidants and vitamin C which removes all sort of impurities and dead cells without damaging the skin and it clean the dead cells too and lighten the skin tone too and to make this you need one cup of fresh strawberries, one cup of yogurt, diy food facials mask four teaspoons of honey and mix it well with masher spoon, don’t blend it or you will make it runny and apply it all over your face till it get dry, almost 45 minutes and then massage in small circler motion and wash with chilled water and you will love the look instantly.