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Easiest Chicken Pot Pie Ever

I am sharing a very simple recipe to make chicken pot pie and if  have stored crust in your freezer and you don’t have to cut all the vegetables then it will take just an hour and you will be sitting and eating it with the yummiest lemonade, why lemonade? Well! I never know that you can drink something else with that too and now I like to carry that combination and I am pretty happy with it.

Easiest Chicken Pot Pie Ever

The things you need and if you are living a busy life and then you can make a bigger filing and store it for another busy day, you need to take 4 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless and you need to wash it and put it on the cooker with half a cup of water and a pinch of salt in it. Now you need 3 big cups of chicken broth and keep it worm. Now you need all the spices that you want to add in it, I normally add salt, ground black pepper and some green herbs, but one of my roommates add some chilies and some nuts in it too, but in last stage, just before covering the pot, you can try that too, it look pretty yum.

Then you need a whole stick of butter and cut it in half and then all the vegetables you like to add in it, well I am using the samesized cubes of onion, celery, tomato, and carrots, you can add some olives and some other yummy vegetables in it too. We need one cup all purpose flour  and some frozen pears and corns too and then we need some boiled and cubed potatoes and while we are making the filing, grease the pots and add some cubes of potatoes in all of them.

Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipes

Put a large saucepan over medium high heat and add some butter in it and mean while take off the chicken and make the small bite size pieces of these chicken, you need to make sure it is soft and well cooked, cause we cannot thing that we will cook it in filing and then chop the chicken in small pieces and then put it aside.

Now we will add some carrot in the sizzling butter and let it simmer a bit and then add all the chopped vegetables in it and then add salt and paper in it and cook for another three minutes and then add all the butter in it and mix, mean while take the chicken broth and spoon off fat and now add flour in the bad and cook a bit and then add broth and milk into equal amount in the pan and cover it till it get fully cooked and a but thick, and now at that time you can add chicken too, it will take 10-15 minutes and then preheat the oven cause it is almost the time.

Easiest Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

We will pour the filings in the pan that has potatoes in it  and fill it all the way till rim and cover it with toppings, you need to cover all the opening and more and then use fork to seal the corners and then let it cool down for a while and then cut the top crust with sharp knife and put all the pots in the oven, at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.
Eat the yummiest and the easiest chicken pot pie ever.