Easiest Ways To Look Like Megan Fox

Easiest Ways To Look Like Megan Fox 2Makeup and facial features

One of the easiest ways to look like Megan Fox is through cosmetic tips and tricks.

Eye Makeup : Always use a thin layer of black eyeliner around the eyelid and eyelashes lengthen your lashes with black mascara separation . Megan often used shades of tan or pink eye .

Eye color: Megan has beautiful blue eyes. If you have naturally dark eyes , try Fresh look Colors in Blue , a line of contact lenses designed specifically for oscuros.Cejas eyes : Clean stray hairs around the eyebrows waxed . Also your eyebrows should be broad and a bit crowded. The arch of the eyebrow should peak above the center line of the eye. Fill in your brows with pencil dark brown to black if they are not wide enough .

Easiest Ways To Look Like Megan Fox

Lips: For day , use shades of pink, and for a vampire look for the evening , opt for brown.

Nose: Megan has a fine nose. To make your nose look a little thin , apply pressed powder that is one or two shades darker than your skin color on both sides of the bridge of his nariz.Piel : Stop going to the tanning salon . Except for shooting swimsuit , Megan goes for peaches .

Hairstyle, Color and Hair Health
Can not seem to Megan Fox without flowing mane in order to accomplish that address the following: Hairstyle : Grow your hair long, at least beyond their hombros.Llevar straight and layered hair. In simpler days , opt for a long ponytail . At night dresses , let your hair pelo.Color : Megan ‘s hair is between a very dark brown and soft black . In some people, black hair seems too strong . If you do not think black is flattering on you , try a brown hair oscuro.Salud : Megan ‘s hair is very healthy and bright . To get hair like yours, and do regular deep conditioning treatments .Easiest Ways To Look Like Megan Fox 1Easiest Ways To Look Like Megan Fox 4 Easiest Ways To Look Like Megan Fox 3 Easiest Ways To Look Like Megan Fox 1