Easy Halloween Makeup & Halloween Face Makeup Ideas

If you ask me which holiday I love the most, between my birthday and other holidays, then I will say that Halloween has been my all time favorite festival cause that is one festival when you can actually be as naughty as you want and as creative as you want, and I am, dying to try those looks that I have been preparing for this season since I have 3 big parties and I want to look the best on these and in one of them I am trying and cute, but hot mermaid, and I am sharing my eye look with all of you, it is a very simple and very easy eye make up with a very small and creative touch and I bet it will help you get so many more ideas, so are you ready to get all Halloweenie.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Easy Halloween MakeupI am getting the Mermaid Princess look and for that I am adding some pure blond extension, Honey Blonde) too and I am using Studio air brushed face with that cause I need perfect look and I am using some Chiq Jewelry with that hairs extensions too. So here is the Mermaid Eyes look for all of you.

We will start with the Prime and I am applying it all over the lids from the lashes to the brows and then I am taking nude Eye Base to get the finish, first of all I will take a pure black gel liner with angle liner brush and draw a smooth and thin line at the top and bottom lash lines  and will draw a smooth wing at the outer edge too and then I will smudge the top liner toward the crease with my finger, if you feel that you are not getting the perfect look then you can always build up the shade, now we will take the thin eye shadow brush and apply cream dust gold shadow all over the lid, but we are not applying too much of product over the lid, then we will take some same shade and apply at the inner corner of the eye, but then we will take the clean brush and smudged the shade all over the lid, but don’t touch the shade you have on your inner corner of your eye.

Easy Halloween Makeup IdeasNow we will take a clean thin brush and apply a shiny, but very subtle gray shade at the lower lash line, on the outer corner of the eye and outer crease of the eye and rub it a bit with small finger, now you need to take some lose gold eye shadow and apply on the inner corner and rub a bit to keep it on the place, and now clean your brush and take the most cattiest and the most brightest Crystal Blue eye shadow and apply at the center of your lid and then blend it in small circulation, but not all over and now it is a time to add some magic in this look, you need to take a small piece of an old fishnet stocking and we are going to use it to create the stencil of the mermaid , you need to hold the fabric taught over the outer end of your lid and then and now you need to take a light damp eye shadow brush and take sparkly turquoise loose shadow with it and tab all over the fishnet , you need to apply that look all over from outer corner of your lid to outer brow bone area and make sure you apply a thick layer of that shadow to get the perfect noticeable look, now you need to give it some time and meanwhile you can apply mascara and, then add some Glitter on the space in between these stencils and you are ready.

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