Effective Solutions To Accelerate The Natural Growth Frizzy Hair

Some readers have found to lose more hair than usual every time you brush ? Worse, Weakened by repeated straightening or aggressive products , their hair are struggling to push ? They feel the soft , brittle , tired ? Is that the natural hair cycle is disturbed.

Natural Growth Frizzy Hair Natural Growth Frizzy Hair

Observing the processes involved in hair growth and taking into account the particular nature of Afro-Caribbean frizzy hair , you can find solutions and specific products that promote vigorous growth .
An afro hair grows all the time … but not quickly

The hair does not grow from the tip but the root ! Everything happens under the scalp , in a small envelope called the hair follicle. The active agents in the follicle, such as keratin protein that has a high rate of amino acids, the raw material that will allow the hair to grow. These assets are carried in the blood , so it is important to massage the scalp to activate blood oxygenation and micro- stimulation to facilitate the flow of nutrient is necessary for hair growth.Home Remedies For Hair Growth

In the case of frizzy hair regrowth is difficult and slow, because of the very nature of the hair more fragile than others, often because lack of moisture , it tends to break. It is further established that the frizzy hair grows slower than straight hair. The speed of hair growth varies , in fact , by age and season , but also in terms of heredity. It is from 0.7 to 2 cm per month. For Afro-Caribbean hair , slow regrowth is aggravated by repeated straightening , coloring or aggressive drying many brushings .Effective Solutions To Accelerate The Natural Growth Frizzy Hair

There are solutions to accelerate the growth of hair Caribbean

Solutions exist yet ! Consider first a few simple steps : Avoid attachments and too tight braids hair that compress and stop blood flow. Do not use brushes made ​​of synthetic materials , which tend to make the electric hair and brittle : they prefer natural materials .

Then it will favor products that will be the source, the root, at the very heart of the hair bulb , to make the necessary elements that will stop hair loss and stimulate vigorous regrowth . Products rich in moisturizing and restorative natural assets such as plant extracts and essential oils, are particularly effective in faster growing frizzy hair.

Natural Ways to Grow Your Hair FasterThere are effective natural ingredients to stimulate the growth of frizzy hair

Of oils rich in vitamins and conditioners that combine natural ingredients , such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and olive oil complex , deeply penetrate the hair to repair and fortify . Vitamin A will clean the scalp , vitamin D restore tone to volunteer and regulate sebum secretion .

Extracts of hemp oil , garlic , nettle and rosemary are also very effective in stimulating the growth , because they act on the hair follicle . Combined action of keratin that naturally restructures the hair , they will restore your hair ‘s elasticity and tone : the regrowth will be rapid and visible through frizzy hair toned , from roots to ends . A good treatment should provide the results after 3 weeks.

Simple gestures and natural assetsSimple gestures and natural assets

Simple gestures and products with natural ingredients , repairing, fortifying and revitalizing , seen , will restore the relaxed and frizzy hair , volume, shine and vitality. Because hair growth is part of a life cycle always repeated. To us , therefore , to promote , respecting the nature of mixed Afro hair !