Eid Mehndi Design Collection 2015

Mandy is a thing that goes into the depths of human history. Women have always been fascinated by it and loved it since ancient times. Women of this age and of antiquity there are equally loving Mendy, the only difference is that many models are now available, which made it more fun, engaging and beautiful, and with the growth of the art designs have become more subtle and complex. Now days projects which were specific for certain specific areas taken in conjunction with the new and unique patterns.

Eid Mehndi Design CollectionBeautiful Henna Designs


Mehndi is the art and the people who love this art put a lot of effort in order to thrive, and now it is a versatile and interesting thing. He is one of the best the most important things women at each event, not only that, but they want to wear it casually also want a new and fashionable designs ever. Asian Women especially found interesting and fascinated by it, and their experiences will be completed only henna. Now it has become part of our culture and traditions, and we celebrate it as well as events at weddings, in which laid Mehndi on hands and feet in the wedding.Eid Mehndi Design Collection 2015

Flowers is the most beautiful part of nature, and they are always a thing of inspiration for people. In the same way as henna natural thing is produced by grinding the dried leaves of the plant and is always attractive thing for people so if these two things together on the hands and feet of women, they give a complete and beautiful to them. So designers have created beautiful floral Top Mehndi Designs for hands and feet in 2015 in compliance with currently to provide women with the latest and trendy patterns.These floral patterns can be used in any type of design, both in Arabic, Indian, etc. They can add shading, filling, etc., to enhance its beauty. Prints are available in the market.

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