First Date Makeup Tips & Party Makeup Ideas

First Date Makeup Tips & Party Makeup IdeasI have a friend, she is from Hungary and she always say, the impression  you make on your first date with a man shows a lot about the instinct and the plan you have in your mind for the date and the date, and I personally thing that there are no rules for first date makeup tips, you just need to be cool, you just need to be yourself, it is not like when you go for your first interview, you are going to meat a person who you might take as your mate so you need to be yourself, cause if you need to decide whether or not he is the One, he would make his mind too, so let him see the real you, don’t pretend, don’t try to hide things or make them look something else.

First Date Makeup Tips

First Date Makeup TipsWell I am not going to give you tips on your behavior today, I am giving you tips to get ready on your first date makeup tips with someone. Here is a very general look for the first date makeup tips with anyone and I am going to apply first date makeup tips according to my skin tone and eyes, I am sure you are smart enough to create the look with first date makeup tips taking ideas form that look.

Prime it up, first thing first, you need to apply base and we will start with moisturizer and serum, I always say, if you are expecting something special then get your full face facial done a day prior to that occasion, and get your eye brows groomed too, now we will apply first date makeup tips foundation or concealer and blend well, never ever apply a thick layer of foundation or concealer, just get a slight coverage with lose powder on the top and then we will start with first date makeup tips.

Pick Neutral Lipsticks:- Normally when we go out for lunch or shopping, we use lip gloss, but when you are going out with someone special or on date then pick lipstick, that show an authentic look and show that you are serious regarding this, but if it is your first ever date then use light shades, don’t look too desperate with red lips, instead use something light, comfy and wearable and it will not take a lot to apply and reapply it, so pink would be a safe choice, you can also go for peach or baby or candy pink shades.

Pick Neutral LipsticksThen we will apply Highlights, but a big No No for shimmer that would be too much and will look a bit odd in day lights, and too sharp in evening lights, you can use highlighter in the corner of your inner eyes and on certain points of your face, but try not to add something too loud, it look too cheap and clumsy even if you are pro applying shimmer.

Blush Natural:- If you are using a thick layer of foundation or concealer or you are using darker shade then you need to add too much product, but stick with natural shades, it is fine to let him see that you put efforts on that date, but don’t show too much, I personally think light pink would be perfect or peach, but not red or shades of maroon or brown, pick natural accruing to your skin tone.

Tarte Blush Natural BeautyPlay Up Your Eyes:- Well! that is one thing that I like to look like a player, use tricks with your eyes, apply primer, couple of shades and blend well, use lengthening and voluminous mascara, and use eyelash curler to give a dramatic effect too, use liner too, but no cat eyes and no spider lashes at all, basic lines and winged eyeliner would look good and Pay attention on your Neutral Eyebrows.

Play Up Your Eyes