Four Problems Caused By Tight Clothing

Problems Caused By Tight ClothingWhether for fashion or to highlight the attractiveness of certain body parts, many women may resort to wearing tight clothing. However , how this trend may affect your health?

According to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association, the continued use of jeans or pants are too tight can increase the risk of a condition called meralgia paresthetica , numbness , stiffness and pain in the lateral and anterior part of the thigh .

Fashion ? Damaging ?

These damages beyond passengers could last for weeks , even after you stop using the tight clothing . Although , what other problems we face ? Here we provide four .

1. Heart problems . The Spanish Society of Cardiology ( SEC ) indicates that of tight clothing may promote the development of cardiovascular problems that hinders blood circulation.

2 . Obstruction of breathing. Use tight clothes and accessories such as a belt , it can block the passage of air through the body , creating the so-called ” short breath ” , making breathing is restricted only to get to the upper chest , causing difficulty in the exchange of gases within the body and accumulate more carbon dioxide , a toxic component that accelerates cell oxidation , influencing aging.

3. Shapewear . Richard Bricknell , director of Clinical Physiotherapy Bristol in England , argues that the continued use of this kind of underwear is not advisable. And said rising pressure in the lower part of the stomach can be pushed into the throat gastric acids. This condition causes heartburn , which , over time , can become ulcers.

4 . Sexual Health . In women, the constant use of tight clothing can cause the decrease of flow. The humidity and high temperatures, make the genital area is conducive to the growth of fungi and bacteria that can give rise to ailments.

Tight clothing is sick or can not why you should have the greatest possible care. A study conducted by the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow in Scotland found that drying inside the home can affect people with asthma , rhinitis and other allergies.

This is because they keep wet clothes in the house increases the humidity, which causes the proliferation of mold spores and dust mites, which damage people susceptible to these allergens .