Get Rid Of Body Odor Naturally

No one like to smell bad and no one likes to get that embarrassment and all that perfume and deodorant companies are making their business of that point,  it has been the wish of a human to look good and smell good and for that human us to use natural things in the early part of civilization and now they use ready to use things, but today I am going to share some very simple and very interesting tricks that will not only keep you feel fresh and smell free, but these are the safest way to keep body odor away.

Get Rid Of Body Odor NaturallyHere are some simple tricks that you need to try to stay smell and embraced free:

1:- First thing first, when you eat bad you smell bad, your food and your drinks are a very main reason of your body odder, so if you start healthy lifestyle then it will not only solve your so many issues, but it will make your body feel so fresh too, so try to eliminate these beverages and any others containing caffeine or alcohol to stay fresh and smell free.

2:- Take a proper bathing at least once a day, I personally think that you can take a bath in the morning and once at bed time and it will not only remove the dirt and dust, but it will help you limiting the bacteria from your skin and it reduce the chances of bacteria growth too.

3:- Vinegar is a natural antiseptic and it is very mild on skin too so if you are trying to reduce the body odor then you can use vinegar on your body, take a bath and after that add three tablespoon of water in one glass of plain water and rub it all over your body and it will not only keep your skin smooth and beautiful, it will kill bacteria and fungi on the skin too and you can use nay vinegar you have.

4:- Add wheat grass or chlorophyll supplement in your daily vitamin routine and they will act as natural deodorizers from inside out.

5:- You can use Tea tree oil or witch hazel to treat body odor too and for that you just need to soak it in some wipes and rub it all of your complicated areas, after bath and let it get dry completely, before you wear cloth.

6:- Sprinkle some baking soda or cornstarch over your body to absorb sweat and control body odor and you can use plain baby talcum powder for same purpose too and you will get some fragrance with that too.

7:- Keep your underarms clean and exfoliate your hidden body part regularly.

8:- Last but not least, use alum powder, to exfoliate your skin and kill the germs too.

Can Get Rid of Body Odor