Get Thicker Eyebrows Naturally

Normally with the passage of time we start losing our hair, not only one that we have over our head, but that we have over our eyes and eye brow bone and that is very horrible cause that start maiming you look old and dull, no matter what you do over your lid or how perfectly you look, if you don’t have beautiful  eye brows and lashes you will look uncompleted and a bit old, and today we are going to share some simple tips to get beautiful  healthy well roomed eye brows with natural ways.

Get Thicker Eyebrows NaturallyHere are some simple tips that you can use to get thicker and beautiful eye brows naturally:

Castor Oil:- Castor oil has an essential composition of a chemical, which is useful for hair growth, it is not only very good to produce the new and healthy hair follicles, not only over your scalp, but over your eye brow too, so just adopt a habit to apply some castor oil over your eye brows with mascara tool and go to sleep and over your lashes too, it is very good for your eye hair, and then in the morning wash your eyebrows with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser and you will notice a results within a week.

Castor Oil For EyebrowsAloe Vera:- Aloe vera is known for its skin healing properties and natural moisturizing powers, but it is also very good to encourage hair growth too, it is a very good way to get thicker, fuller eyebrows, you just need to take some fresh Aloe Vera leaves and crush them in a smooth paste and apply it over your eyes and your brows too and gently massage the residue on your eyebrows and eyes and then allowing it to seep in for a while and then wash it off with worm water and you need to do that every day to get better results.

Aloe Vera EyebrowsOnion Juice:- Well I am kind of allergic to Onion cause it make me rip off my eyes, we all know how irritating it make our eyes, but if you are fine with that then you just need to get some juice cause it is a very good source of sulphur, which helps in faster and denser growth of hair, you just need to grind an onion and massage its juice into the eyebrows and then let it get dry over your skin and then wash it off and you will notice some new grown within a week.

Onion Juice For EyebrowsMilk:- Milk contains proteins, which nourish hair roots and it is very good for the skin of our face and for our hair too, you just need to take one cup worm milk and soak it in the milk and then apply it over your eyebrows and your eyes lashes, smear it well all over your eyebrows and lashes so that it nourishes every strand and then wash it off with worm water.

Home Remedies for Thick Eyebrows