Glamorous Eye Makeup Look

The look we are going to create today is a very simple and very easy to apply one, I am not using too many shades or too many colors, I am just using some very shiny and very glossy looks, if you are not happy with the shade or colors, you can always pick the look and adopt it with your own choice, you can use the shade you like and if you do, we would love to see it too, As you know that we apply moisturizer all over the face including eyes and the some perfectly smooth and well blend base all over the face including lips too and then we start with Prime and rub it well, since I am using shiny glossy look so it need perfect base to keep things on the place and then we will groom our brows and now we will start with shades to get a vivid look.

Glamorous Eye Makeup Look

First of all we will take light smooth mate gold shade and apply in the inner 1/3 of the lid and near the tear duct area too and then we will blend it well to get soft gold look, now we will take pale copper or light tea pink shade and apply all over the inner half of the lid and it will give an instant boost to our eyes look and then we will take dark brown or maroon shade and apply on the outer end of the lid and then blend the pale copper and brown shade well for a seamless finish and perfect depth in the shape too.

Now we will take nice yellow golden shade with thin brush and fill over the crease and then take some thin brush and apply that shade over the outer Have too and then blend it well with other shades, but keep the individuality intake, and this will add some softness in the brown and will glow your look too and it will make your eyes look wider and more almond shaped too.

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Now you need to take brightest steel gray shade you have with angle brush and apply under the lower lash line and then blend it a bit to get the smooth look, but if you don’t want that then you can keep it as you like, now you need a black gel liner and make a semi cat eye with a small wing at the corner if you want to make it smoky then you can use some smudging too, or otherwise it is perfectly sexy and stylish look, now you need to add some magic with your lashes too, apply some black or dark brown mascara and then take some gold or silver mascara and apply at the tip of your lashes and you are ready to go, just apply some niche pink or matching lip gloss and traaa.

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