Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

There are so many things that we don’t do during our day to day life, like thick smoky eyes, fake lashes, bright and drizzling shades and shiny accessories, but holidays are a time when you can do whatever you want and you can go as much crazy as much you like and you can be as much creative as much you actually can and today I am going to give you a very beautiful and very heavy eye look for such kind of days and such kind of occasions  and I am hoping you would like it cause we normally don’t try such kind of heavy look with such a deep eyes.

Green Eye MakeupWe are going to use bright shades of purple and we are using the smoky eye technique, so even if you don’t like the shade, you still can use the trick and get the perfect look with the shade you like, we will start with applying the eye primer cause I am using powder based eye shades so they need something to get stick on the lid, and after that I am using a lighter than original skin tone, eye base and apply it all over the lid and some on the skin around the eye top get a perfect look and fascinating finish.

First of all we will take the lightest shade of purple that has velvet finish and apply it over the inner part of eye lid, and then we will take a blending brush and blend it from the corner to outer part of the eye, but keep it till the eye lid crease and keep blending it smoothly and then we will take a darker shade of the same pater and same finish and will apply at the center of the eye and will blend it toward the outer end of the eye, but don’t blend it too much, now take the pure black, either liner or eye shade and apply at the outer corner or your eye and then rub it with your finger and now you need to take another clear brush and blend the harsh lines of there of these shades, but don’t mix the lighter share with the darker one.

Now we will take a pink mauve shade and apply it over the crease and blend well then we will enhance the crease with darker shade too, now we will take a gel liner and apply the thinnest line over both eye rips and some over the water line too, but without wing or any authentic lines and then we will take the darkest purple shade with angle brush and apply a straight line under the lower lash line and then finish the look with couple of thick coats of mascara.

Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

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