Health Benefits of Water

young girl with bottle of mineral water (isolated on white)The body works properly thanks to the quantity of water containing

– Allows adequate hydration and balance in body fluids , so that all physiological functions work properly , it is necessary to compensate the daily loss of water which normally occurs by various functions and the elimination of bodily fluids , such as are: urine , sweat , breath , stool and fewer tears and eye watering and mucus.
– Allows processing , absorption and utilization of nutrients contained in the foods we eat .
– Participates in all biochemical relationships necessary for life as electrically conductive , conducting muscle contraction and neuronal synapses.

– Helps the body to maintain an internal equilibrium.
– Contributes to the constant excretion of wastes.
– Have a positive impact on the proper functioning of the digestive system, from the saliva softens and processes certain foods until they are absorbed and removed the remains.
– Helps dietary soluble and insoluble ) fiber , perform vital physiological functions impact on health status such as: increased intestinal peristalsis , increased volume and mellowness of fecal do, decreased blood cholesterol and regulation of blood glucose .

Also contributing to the external beauty , as from drinking water , cells throughout the body is oxygenated so that you can maintain a healthy and glowing skin to support cellular regeneration by sufficient support minerals and nutriments oxygen course .

Maybe some people feel for their activity need to consume more water, but in general to restore optimal levels of water , it is recommended to consume at least 2 liters of water daily or more especially in the hot months or when the exercise is over .