Homemade Exfoliation

Homemade Exfoliation2You only need two lemons , a tablespoon of honey , and sugar to make homemade exfoliation treatment to cleanse and soften the skin all over your body. This mixture will not only serve to exfoliate the skin but also to combat acne , remove blackheads on your face and prevent cellulite .

Exfoliation is a step that can not be omitted in the care of the skin, as it removes all the impurities and dead cells that accumulate on it , giving it a much cleaner , soft and attractive. Want skin care naturally ?

Here we show a simple recipe for homemade scrub that can be applied at least twice a week for the much prettier skin.

Here is the step by step homemade scrub :

Homemade Exfoliation1

1. Mix two lemons with a tablespoon of honey , and sugar .

2 . Rinse in warm water and apply the mixture all over your body in circular motions. Do it for a few minutes .

3 . Rinse with water. You will notice that your skin improves instantly!

This mix is great for exfoliating the skin of the face and body. Anyway, if you want to keep experimenting with homemade and natural methods we recommend the following exfoliating face masks .