Homemade Tooth Powder & DIY Tooth Powder

Homemade Tooth Powder & DIY Tooth PowderIf you are getting tired of changing your tooth paste and you are still looking for the one that will actually work for you according to your own wishes then why don’t you just get up and make your toothpaste with your own hands with some very simple and nature things, which are not only very good for your teeth and gums, but they make and keep your gums and your teeth beautiful and healthy too and it actually maintain a overall oral health too, so are you ready to make your own toothpaste.

Homemade Tooth Powder

Homemade Tooth PowderIf you are visiting these pages for very first time and you don’t know how particular I am about my smile and my teeth then let me tell you that I like my teeth and I have been using some natural things to keep my teeth shiny and smooth beautiful  since my childhood, am not saying that I don’t use toothpaste, I do, but I rely on natural things way more than my toothpaste to helps remove stains, tartar and plaque buildup from your teeth, you can use anything like calcium carbonate, finely ground salt, soda bicarbonate or whatever you like, or you can make your toothpaste with these recipes.

Orange Tooth Powder:

To make this very healthy and aromatic tooth powder, you just need 1 cup of Soda Bicarbonate, 2 tablespoon finely ground sea salt, 2 Tablespoon dried orange peel and one tablespoon Peppermint oil. Now you just need to take all of it and mix well in an airtight jar, keep blending till it become a very smooth mixture and keep it in cool dry place in the same airtight container and you can use it the sole toothpaste you use to clean your teeth.

Orange Tooth Powder

Cinnamon Tooth Powder:

You need half of cup of each Calcium carbonate and Soda Bicarbonate, 10 drops of Peppermint oil and Cinnamon oil and then you need one tablespoon finely ground cinnamon, Now you just need to get all the dry ingredients and mix them together and then add oils a few drops at a time and mix well, don’t let it be caking and store in an airtight container.

Cinnamon Tooth PowderYou can make bother of these pastas and use every other day to get healthy and beautiful smile.