How can rose water help my skin?

How can rose water help my skinwe keep our skin hydrated all. Buy valuable creams and masks that we varied our promise to relieve sensitive skin. However, there is one product that has revolutionized the face of our grandmothers and, unfortunately , over the years we have been neglected : Rose water .

All sensitive skin should avoid products containing , in its formula , skin irritant ingredients like alcohol. An excellent choice for skin that is easily irritated rose water .

This simple lotion is obtained by the distillation of rose petals and has soothing , invigorating, relaxing and even astringent making it also ideal for oily and open pores properties.

However, those who have dry skin should be careful because you can get dehydrated.

Generally rose water is used after washing your face, either to remove hard water or cleansing milk .

Use the elements provided by nature is an inexpensive and easy way to improve our health. For this, you can use multiple plants , roots , fruits and even vegetables, prepared in different ways such as oil, tea, and water poultice containing the active ingredients of the item you need.

Benefits of rose water :

Antiseptic , avoiding the spread of infection .
Provides nutrients such as vitamins A, B3 , C , D and E.

Soothes skin .
Delays the appearance of fine lines.
It cleans and tones the skin .
Reduces inflammation and redness.
Prevents hair loss, increasing blood flow to the scalp, strengthening the hair.