How I Can Strengthen My Teeth?

How I Can Strengthen My TeethThe teeth are worn for several reasons . It is good to have weak teeth because they are exposed to breakage , damage and all kinds of potential problems that may come to attack them. But how do to strengthen them ? It is difficult but not impossible.

Without doubt, the best support for your teeth is fluoride . This mineral is proven to help significantly to harden teeth and cause enamel copper increased hardness . For this reason , applications in the teeth of this substance may be key to making your teeth look stronger. And also incorporate foods containing tea, fish , cabbage and spinach , for example.

Calcium is also another tool that nature has to offer when it comes to strengthening your teeth. As usual, you can ingest through dairy products, among others. This is critical in children, for example, are in the process of calcification.

Anyway , the fact is you have to protect well and always try to prevent such evils , as once the decline has begun is much more difficult to stop without resorting to the dentist or additional treatments.