How T0 Balance Your Figure.

How T0 Balance Your Figure.You are female , your hips are higher than your shoulders. But what shoulders ! We must emphasize , with a simple trick . To balance your figure , just draw the eye upward , showing your best assets and mitigate the curves of your lower body .

What to wear

It focuses on what you more attractive : your bust and shoulders.

V or U necks pronounced or boat ; draws the eye upward
Enjoy the return of shoulder pads to balance with your hips .
Prefer , at the shoulders , the chic details such as sequins or jewels.

The coarse mesh
Long necklaces
Bats , but not too sleeves, it is not about hiding your waist.
Skirts A , in a lightweight material
Straight or slightly flared trousers, to balance with your hips
Top with puffed sleeves , adds volume to your top
Top pleated or draped , always flattering to the woman’s belly

Black or indigo jeans , a timeless classic
Medium Heel mi; galbez your forms while remaining comfortable !

what to avoid

Pants or jeans with pockets, seams or details at the hip
Skinny , they said no more
Tops too tight ; amplifies your lower body
Long skirts ; dull instantly
Skirts and pleated pants , add volume and overwrites

Skirts balloon


Avoid anything that cuts your body at the hips : belt, jacket or detail that falls at this level should be avoided.
Opt for dark colors for the lower body : swing with light patterns or light colors for the top .
Avoid wearing your handbag to match the size and the look is instantly directed to your hips. Hold it in your hand instead !
Collect necklaces , with bright and colorful beads , stones or real nice imitations have the desired effect.
Your brand recognition : scarves . Choose the thin and long for a European look. Stick to your style by selecting the material and printed .