How To Celebrate Christmas


How To Celebrate Christmas1The Christmas celebration is in America and in many countries an event , preparing for tonight takes several weeks in advance from fixing the exterior of the house with lights and all kinds of Christmas decorations, choose gifts for family members and Christmas dinner awaited . A date that definitely brings families together in peace , harmony and love.

The holidays bring many celebrations with family , friends and co-workers , even in parks and plazas choirs singing carols children are presented .

The shopping areas become crazy because everyone is spread the Christmas spirit. Some choose to attend Midnight Mass and visit their families.

Starting from the Christmas dinner is a tradition for this. You will not miss classic turkey, foaming , Pantheon and chocolate. Some accompany dinner with rice, applesauce or ensalada.La celebrating good night is family , children are the center of the night.

All preen and excited to get the countdown a good night .

When arriving at twelve o’clock all relatives hug each other and a Merry Christmas wish, then preferably the smallest of the house will be the one place the baby Jesus in the manger, with sound background not only carols but also of cuetecillos , that boys of all ages burst by the dozen.

Then comes the toast with a good foaming some know it as champagne. Almost always the head of the house who gives a few words and a reason to give .

Then he proceeds to open gifts hours before were placed around the tree, the smaller they are told that Santa Claus brought children for being good all year .

After opening gifts the family sit at the table to share and enjoy Christmas dinner .