How To Choose Comfortable Shoes

How To Choose Comfortable ShoesHow to be sure to choose comfortable shoes to walk everyday? Is it possible to combine comfort and aesthetics ? To avoid mistakes , we went to ask these questions to several specialized vendors .
Search Does it all in the same shoes ?No, the youngest often walk in love at heart . They especially look for what is fashionable , what they see in magazines. While more mature people know what suits them and try to combine comfort and style, preferring to invest in a pair of better quality.

How to recognize a pair of comfortable shoes?In fact, for most people, this means that you have the shoe do not suffer for a day of activity. But in reality, the pain tolerance varies from one person to another . You just look for shoes that match basic comfort criteria : adequate size , good foot support and reasonable curvature.
– Women must therefore they automatically make a cross on the heels ?

“Not necessarily , especially on this point , to comfort is subjective. There is even talk of a tolerance : some easily bear up to 10 cm heels, for others it will be only 7 or even 5 cm. The important on heels is especially the arch , which must follow the foot to the shoe is comfortable. It does not take that too high heels stretch the calf to hurt.

It also tends to advise fairly wide heels to be stable and reduce the risk of sprain.

What details should we be careful when choosing shoes?

Many things are to check to be sure to be comfortable in his shoes.
First make attention to the matter. The suede or smooth leather will always be a soft patent leather , and also make it easier for your foot.
If you have wide feet , turn preference towards brands that offer specific models, such as New Look . It is not necessary that the greenhouse before you as soon as you slip them on .

Also pay attention to the soles . Too thin , they will be painful because you will feel all the bumps in the ground. Too rigid, they will prevent you from moving freely. Prefer rubber soles for your flat shoes. For those heels , do not hesitate to ask a non-slip pad if they are too smooth .

Finally also watch the seams more there seams inside a shoe, there is more risk of irritation due to friction.