How To Choose Wedding Ring

How To Choose Wedding Ring1When choosing wedding rings or alliances , we must be very confident in your choice , because they all will cherish forever , so we must really like and that are durable , if you learn that I’m going to teach, and know what to do or not to buy them with your partner.

A wedding ring is used as a symbol in the celebration of a wedding, this is placed on the ring finger on the marriage celebration. Different traditions make use of a hand or other , varying this use according to the zones .

This ceremony is watched by the Romans and before the introduction of Christianity and was also known to the Jews.
How To Choose Wedding Ring

Now I give you the keys to choosing your rings , list them below.

1) Search designs in magazine , online , based on the tastes of the two , remember your partner should feel comfortable with the use of the ring they choose.

2) Before making a decision , check out several jewelry stores to request budgets only if you do not like what you see, you can design your own ring and ask how much you would charge for it.

3) Based on the prices they saw, determine a budget for the rings.

4) There are rings of gold , silver and platinum , the most expensive and durable are the platinum , but also weigh heavily . The price is double or triple that of gold, my recommendation is the latter .

5) rings may be white or yellow gold, there are bright and opaque .

6) If you decide your gold rings, I recommend using 18 ko 14k . The reason is that , the more pure gold , 24 K , while higher quality tends to deform more easily. This is because gold is a very malleable metal. Of course the quality is excellent, but we must not forget that it is a gem of permanent use.

7) Keep in mind that wedding rings match the engagement ring, not necessarily the rings or alliances must be equal, the man can be simpler and the more delicate and diamond woman. But it is not recommended that you have two large stones in one finger.

8) A point to consider is the shape of the hand . A small ring in a big hand, is seen as lost . Of course a very large ring, with striking stones, in a small hand , causes an effect too heavy .

9) A very important detail is the diamond , if you have the rings must take into account four variables that determine the quality and value of diamonds : color, cut, clarity and carat ( weight) in carats. These determine the beauty , quality and value of a diamond.

10) Select the correct size , to shake the finger should not get out of the ring and there should be very tight.

You already have the keys to choosing the rings, now select several jewelers today and start looking for them.