How to Look Beautiful Naturally in Summer Day

How to Look Beautiful Naturally in Summer DayThen look I am going to create today for all of you is a very fun look and I am making this look as a day time look which you can rock with your jeans and tops and that is one reason I am using a denim jeans shade here and the fun thing is, if you don’t have this shade then you can actually create it with using blue and absolutely perfect black shade together, and if you want some fun then you can use either of shad shimmy and it will make the whole look super shimmery and shinny.

How to Look Beautiful Naturally in Summer

It a Beautiful Day Hot Summer Day

We will start with base and as I told you earlier that I am creating this Look For Day time so a mixture of tint moisturizer and sunscreen is my base, you can get whatever you like, then we will finish the look with lose powder to set the look and mine has some shimmer in it so it is a very glossy and shiny look.

Now we will come to Eye Makeup and we will apply some eye primer and blend it well with finger and then we will apply lighter than skin tone shimmer or silver or white highlighter all over the slight moist lid and now we will groom the eye brows well.

Now take rich denim jeans shade, or you can create this moonlight gray blue shade on your own too, or you can take super rich royal blue shade of eye liner and line your crease which is light on inner part and super thick on outer lid and now take a blending brush with some mate black shad and blend it well and create a harsh V at the outer end of your lid, you can us a scotch tape if you are not very good with making edges, blend it inward, now you can take the same shade or same shimmery moonlight liner and line the lower lash line too, how to look beautiful naturally in summer, make it super thick and then smudge it a bit with the brush, but not too bold, keep it smooth and simple.

How to Look Beautiful Naturally in Summer

Now you need to take copper brown shimmer and tab apply over the center of your lid and then take bluish frost shimmer and apply on the inner corner of your lid and blend them nicely, how to look beautiful naturally in summer, but don’t mix them with each other, keep the shades separate, now take same copper gold shimmer with small liner brush and tab apply over tear duct and over the lower lash line and blend it over the crease a bit too.

Now take silver highlighter and highlight the inner corner and over the brow bone and then take rich golden copper liner and line your water line, how to look beautiful naturally in summer, and apply a thick wing over your upper lash line with liquid liner, I tried to use blue liner, but it was not making and appearance so I switched it to black which look pretty good and then finish the look with mascara.