How To Make Cat Eyes With Liquid Eyeliner

How To Make Cat Eyes ,the Perfect Cat Eyeliner is ever fashionable, very flattering for almost every eye shapes and delivers a sultry, mysterious look, and I can tell you that you just need perfect tools and perfect product and you can apply any look you want, I just bought MAC double gel liner pots three weeks back and I have been trying to apply a simple wing for like 5 days and guess what, I already feel like I am master in liners the pack has two brushes too.

One plain liner brush and one angle brush and I can tell you , that is all you need to get a prefect look you don’t need to get special classes with makeup artistes to apply cat eye or any liner, you just need to pick a line and stick with it and keep practicing till you actually How To Make Cat Eyes line, you just need practice and right kind of products.

How To Make Cat Eyes with liner

How To Make Cat Eyes

Today I am going to shade some very simple and very easy to apply look with all of you, you just need to be super comfortable with it, and for a that we will start with easy 5 steps, so are you ready to get the perfect look in no times at all?

First of all you need to take some primer and apply it all over your lid and then take some lash moisturizer and apply on the lashes too, this is one step which I would say, you should never ever skip cause no matter how expansive and best brand you use, they still harm your eyes and your lashes and you need to work on that to, protection first.

How To Make Cat Eyes

We will start with some priming and then dust some simple nude eye shade all over the lid from lash line to eye brow bone and blend well, it will help you to fix your mistakes;) now we will take eye pencil with thin tip, that is what I did when I started to apply liner for very first time, I just wanted to give myself a rough line to apply the brush, I was so nerves you need to draw a line with that liner on your upper lash line.

What you need to do is sit with a mirror on your lab and light right behind you, keep your eyes downward and look in the mirror and apply a line on your lash line, it will keep your eyes from blinking and I can bet you will apply a perfect line, start from the middle of you upper lid and begin drawing a line as close to your lashes as possible and then let it run at the outer corner.

How To Make Cat Eyes

Keep the liner as smooth and as thin as possible, don’t make one straight line if you have lose bumps on your lid, cause it will make your line look clumsy, in that case make small strokes and it will look batter, to create a dramatic look make this line thick, or create a thin line for a more subtle look.

Now start from the inner corner of your eye and moving towards the outer corner and then apply another line right over the first line to make it more visible, and then create a eyeliner wing, draw a line starting from the last lash outwards and keep the length & angle according to your eye.

How To Make Cat Eyes

Once you are done with your wing, now you need to draw a line back to your upper lash line and it will create a empty triangle on your upper lid, now fill it with liner and it will make your eyeliner thick and now take a liner and draw a simple liquid liner on the line you draw earlier and now you need to give it some time to get dry.

Finish off this sexy look with 2-3 coats of lengthening, thickening black mascara and you can apply some nude shade on your water line to get a perfect look.

How To Make Cat Eyes