How To Remove Blackheads

How To Remove Blackheads1Blackheads ? We have them all in horror. Around the nose , chin or forehead , the small excess sebum that lodge in our pores are difficult to remove . How to prevent their occurrence , how to remove ? Follow our advice.

What is a blackhead ?It is a pore subjected to excess sebum from the skin ( stress hormones revved ) that eventually clog and become black.

How to prevent their occurrence ?
Go for a clean skin morning and evening with a dermatological bread emphasizing the T-zone (forehead, nose , chin) and make a scrub twice a week to remove dead cells. Daily , to reduce sebum secretion , promote a healthy lifestyle by eating fruits and vegetables and limiting saturated fats , alcohol and tobacco. Another good reflex to adopt: never zapper stage removal. Clean your skin with a cleansing milk followed by a cleansing lotion and then moisturize with a light and mattifying cream. If you have sensitive skin, prefer a cleansing with a tissue and a micellar lotion without forgetting to apply a soothing cream rich in assets.

How To Remove Blackheads

How to remove blackheads?When a dark spot appears, the first instinct is to try and squeeze the fiddle . But this is the last thing to do at the risk of forming a button or a scar. To eliminate them , we must first open the pores . To do this , place your covered with a towel over a bowl of hot water head. Once the pores, take a clean handkerchief and wrap it around your index fingers and press each of them gently between your fingers to remove the blackhead. Finally , apply an anti-bacterial lotion to disinfect and purify the skin . The ideal is not to touch to avoid spreading bacteria or create indelible marks .

What if there is too much blackheads?Two solutions exist : the first run to the dermatologist for deep skin cleansing and the second most economical regularly masks clay to purify and clean the skin.