How To Shop For High Heel Shoes & Heel Shoes Designs

When how to shop for high heel shoes going shopping you need to make sure you know what you are getting into and what it takes to get a perfect heels, normally when we see a pair of high heel shoes that is much prettier than others we try them on and we buy them and we happily and proudly come home but when you actually try it on and go out, it literally kills you and after half an hour we feel that we are not meant for heels and we cannot take it anymore and we quite heels (ouch!!!! Let me tell you what went wrong, you bought the wrong pair of heels, everything is fine, just take a deep breath and let’s  hunt the right pair and then see how it goes.

First of all, take all the time you need, never ever ever think that it will take hour or two, it will not, never rush in buying the shoes, you like it, good, try them on and keep it on for at least 10 minutes, walk and see how you feel, they are so beautiful, but are the feel beautiful too? Do you feel comfortable? Is the holding your foot and your weight nicely? Ignore the shoe salesman completely, and keep them on for about 10 minutes and after these 10 minutes you will understand if the shoes are comfortable or not.

How To Shop For High Heel Shoes

How To Shop For High Heel Shoes & Heel Shoes Designs

Try going shopping for High Heel Shoes in the afternoon, yes, cause that would be the time when your feet are a little bit swollen, but not too swollen and that will actually give you the right idea if the shoe is absolutely fit or not and if it is your size of not, and never ever try to tell the salesman your size how to shop for high heel shoes, show them your feet and let them decide and it will actually help you get the right shoes too cause they are trained to do this.

Always buy quality shoes, I know that most quality shoes cost a lot, but they are worthy of each penny , cause bad shoes not only ruin your look, but also your feet how to shop for high heel shoes, and overall your mood too and buy leather shoes with soft leather interior, how to shop for high heel shoes to prevent skin swelling and sore feet and you can wear them longer that Other Shoes and they look beautiful  too.

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If it is your first ever heel then stick with heel between 3 and 4 inches, you can easily wear the heels without a platform, but if you really have to and want to pick the heel above 5 inches how to shop for high heel shoes, then you have to have to pick heels with a platform, no matter how good the thin heels look and they are perfect for almost all girls.

Always have a thin sock with you when trying on shoes at a shoe store. It will not only protect your feet from diseases, but also make the foot slip easily in the shoe and it will actually help you see if shoes are griping your feet nicely or not cause if they are not how to shop for high heel shoes, you cannot wear them during hot days and once you have the right kind of shoes, all you need is break them in and you are done,
Enjoy The New Heights Gals.

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