How To Take Good Care Of Your Body In 20s

How To Take Good Care Of Your Body In 20sThe average number of calories an individual needs per day is about 30 per kilo depending on their activity , although this index is declining over the years. The greater the person, the less calories spent ( this is not a fixed rule , but depends on each individual) .

The food is the way to nourish and replenish the energy used during the day, with the corresponding food intake .

Balance diet includes necessary amounts of protein ( 12% ) , fats ( 38 % ) and carbohydrates ( 50 % ) . But as always, the percentages should vary according to the activity of the individual or any type of modification occurs in metabolism.

Mouth and Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by poor dental hygiene and is a sign of poor health, but other factors also influence such as gum disease , tooth decay, infections of the nose or throat, improper diet , constipation, excessive smoking , strange bacteria in the mouth , liver dysfunction , indigestion , poor protein digestion , gastritis , stress, etc. .
How To Take Good Care Of Your Body In 20s1
To combat this problem you need to brush your teeth and tongue after waking and after meals , juices, green vegetables with chlorophyll, vitamin B complex and help fight infections and cleaning the blood and colon.

Garlic acts as an antibiotic destroying foreign bacteria in the mouth and colon. Chew raw carrots and roasted not fried to clean teeth and parsley, cilantro or mint leaves for bad breath , do not forget the flossing . Another important detail is that the yogurt improves intestinal flora which causes bad breath. As a last point we must avoid excess sugars.


To avoid frequent stomach upsets is important to eat slowly, small and light portions at every meal this way the production of gastric acids will be adequate .

Try not to make any strenuous activity after eating , this makes digestion. If you have gastritis take the juice of 1/ 4 of al fasting for a week. For ulcers cabbage, garlic and zinc is recommended.


How To Take Good Care Of Your Body In 20s3Vital and prone to damage from external environmental agents and organ. Protect with antioxidants such as vitamin A, C , E and selenium.

Eating foods with vitamin D and potassium help the heart function, Eat green leafy vegetables , broccoli, nopales , carrot, chili , tomatoes , bananas , potatoes , citrus fruits , melon , guava , strawberries , kiwi , fish , avocado , almonds , vegetable oils , milk, cheese , soybeans and oats.

If there is pressure , eat foods rich in calcium.

Brain and Memory

To that brain function is carried out properly sufficient nutrient concentrations are required.

To improve brain function should include foods daily B vitamins such as rice , bread and cereals, soy, legumes ( beans, lentils , etc. ) , wheat germ , almonds, walnuts ( instead of eating fats or greasy ) food , fish, turkey , lean meat and brewer’s yeast . Foods rich in lecithin and chromium as soybeans, liver, eggs , cheese, milk , cauliflower, potato, carrot .How To Take Good Care Of Your Body In 20s2

Exercise is important and walking is very good option. Learn to breathe deeply , this improves the oxygen levels in the brain. Keep the brain active thinking and doing activities that stimulate the mind .


The deterioration of the skin is related to excessive consumption of spicy foods , hot liquids , alcohol , stress, excessive heat or cold .

To take care is recommended to drink plenty of water, avoid fried foods , animal fats , sugars , chocolates , smoking ( causes wrinkles , especially in the mouth), excessive contact with the sun (cause dryness, premature aging , blemishes , rashes ) .

Eat lots of garlic , onions , asparagus , oatmeal, foods high in calcium and egg eat 2-3 times per week. Fruits and vegetables have antioxidants (vitamins A, C , E and selenium ) and keep the skin hydrated .

Hair and Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by a malfunction of the oil glands in the scalp , leading to more fat and a fungus.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Body In 20s4

Avoid fried foods , milk and cheese with fat, sugar , flour , chocolate , nuts, etc. . Your diet should contain 50 to 75% raw food , eat yogurt and foods rich in B vitamins Avoid irritants , very greasy creams and shampoos and soaps with chemicals .

Hair loss can be caused by poor circulation , surgery, disease, radiation, sudden weight loss , vitamins and iron deficiency , insufficient food intake, stress , pregnancy , diabetes , thyroid disease, heredity and chemotherapy.

The Liver

Important care because I addressed this body metabolism and utilization of carbohydrates , proteins and fats .

There may be deficient in vitamin A, D , E and K , alterations in calcium assimilation , constipation, poisoning and overweight.

It requires eating foods with B vitamins and iron. To free it from toxins beet juice , lemon , carrot , spinach and parsley is recommended.


The sun helps strengthen bones through the activation of vitamin D , which is involved in the uptake of calcium by the bones.

The sun also lowers the levels of blood glucose , improving insulin activity , for these two questions is good to take some sun after eating.

Calcium-rich foods include milk , cheese , broccoli , beans , sardines and minnows . Chard , pursuance , spinach as it contains hyphenates inhibit calcium absorption , so it should not take with calcium-rich foods .


The blood needs to be free of all accumulated toxins. Take in the morning and evening for 3 days lemon juice , beet and carrot helps to detoxify the blood. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day .

How To Take Good Care Of Your Body In 20s5

Juices from green vegetables also help . For the production of red blood cells are important vegetables with chlorophyll, green like squash and peppers , for its iron content .

For best effect flour and avoid excess fats . To prevent blood fat and has no risk of atherosclerosis , are recommended polyunsaturated and found in safflower , sunflower, canola , olive , in the avocados, almonds , and fish fats.