How To Whiten All Over Body Natural Skin Lightening Tips

There are so many colors in dresses that only best suits to white skin tone and darker tone women just wish to have white complexion.Some people take help from creams and different other cosmetics to keep their skin white but these creams work for short time span.More over these skin whitening creams are sometime really dangerous for skin as they can cause skin cancer in some cases.It is wise to choose natural way to lighten your skin not only face but whole body skin with out any chemicals and believe this will work with no harm because of 100% natural and effecting ingredients.So here we reveal the secret How To Whiten All Over Body Natural Skin Lightening Tips that work on your skin like magic and also keep you young, glowing and healthy.There are two kind of treatments for you that you have to take and apply.Natural skin Whitening tips

First of all you have to change your diet that contain some kind of unhealthy junk food.Eat seasonal fruits and vegetable that are not over cooked.Natural Skin Whitening Tips Home Remedies

Day Time Masks And Body Food To get White Skin Naturally: Early in the morning you have to take a glass of juice of three precious ingredients that are Apple, Carrot and Beetroot just need to take a glass of juice like bed its turn to quit tea and start drinking juice. You drink juice and its pulp
will be for your face apply all this pulp on your face, neck and hands along with few drops of lemon juice.Just take out that pulp into a bowl and add lemon drops along with two table spoon of goat milk.If you dont have goat milk then can add cows.Let it on your face for twenty minutes and then wash your face with fresh water.After drying apply milk for ten minutes on your face with cotton this will keep your face young glowing and wrinkle free. It is good to gain weight naturally rather depending on artificial products as there will be no side effects
Night Time Food and Mask:At night you need to take a glass of milk along with three almond and one table spoon of coconut powder this will not only fresh your skin also help you to be calm and keep your eyesight good.At night time you have to use two types of masks one for whole night while other for ten minutes, so start with the second one that is for ten minutes.Apply honey and lemon juice mask, in which you need one table spoon of honey and one drop of lemon juice.

Your second make is of milk cream and lemon juice mask that must be remain on your skin for whole night and in the morning you need to remove it with rose water.Mix one table spoon milk cream along with lemon juice drops and rose water in case of dry skin.

How To Whiten Body Skin Naturally

Tips And suggestions You should keep in mind:

You must do this at least for one month for good result but just after a week you will notice very positive difference.

Juice pulp should be mix well and beet roots color may color your skin for few minutes so don’t worry just after washing your face with face wash this will remove.

In case of blackhead on your face you can rub tomato on your skin for ten minutes this will help you a lot.

This is really very effective skin whitening tips that worth a lot so tell your friends who really want to be white this can be possible without any harm.

This will not only white your all body skin but also keep healthy your internal organs that will help you to be young and healthy for long time.