Job Stress Increases The Risk Of Heart Attack

Job Stress Increases The Risk Of Heart AttackIn this world , which ranks first among the causes of death of people with heart disease every day more people are under the influence . More thought to occur in people of advanced age heart disease , the more concentrated the competitive environment of young people in the business world in recent years began to impact . Among the major causes of heart disease include stress , indicating that the private Medline Hospital Cardiology expert relevant and warned .

Emerging technologies accelerates a little more with each passing day life , the business world is becoming increasingly busy and stressful . At the same moment many business people who want to make the irregular and unhealthy living standards along with many diseases , especially heart disease is facing , the most important of these from a heart attack .

Heart attack, blockage or narrowing of the arteries over time moderate tearing of a stenosis or occlusion clots are formed as a result of sudden . Especially sudden and intense stress, hormonal disorders in the body cause a team to the active secretion and leads to high blood pressure . They may cause a sudden heart attack . Minimizes the risk of heart attack for people under stress should not, and should not be any problems with hardening of the arteries .

Job Stress Increases The Risk Of Heart Attack1

Search for your favorite people : Stress concentration also affects the efficiency overturned . Fatigue and mental exhaustion leads to higher error rates .
Therefore, no matter how busy you are under stress breaks a few minutes and call your loved one . In this case, to work more efficiently as well as helps to get away from the stress a little .

Snack of chocolate : chocolate eating Research shows that help you relax . Every day , provided with a small piece to limit yourself , for times when you feel very stressed Keep a pack in your drawer . If you are dieting , you can opt for diet chocolate .

Take time to laugh : laugh every time is the best way of relieving stress . Therefore, to have a good time and laugh to yourself to take 3-5 minutes . To spend an enjoyable time you can watch a funny video .

Get social work without a break , by more unhappy people , depression can be caused to enter . Therefore you are working with chat with friends . To communicate with people , albeit for a short time to be away from work helps .

Share your colleagues trust and responsibility : Every job is not able to do alone . In this case, a longer time to complete the work as well as much more exhausted when you , will cause you to fall under stress . Therefore share responsibility . Thus, the stress will also be shared .

Convert fun to your office : People at work a large portion of their time spend. Therefore the working environment is comfortable and so that persons must be happy . Yourself happier to be able to put pictures of your favorite people at your table , if possible, to your office, your favorite Bring a few small personal items . So you can work yourself feeling more comfortable .