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Today I am sharing a very fascinating look which would be perfect, mode, perfectly contemporary look, even though you will not see cosmetic on my face, you will see lipstick though, but nothing else, so shell we start, first of all you need to understand that you have to pay all of your attention to medium coverage, I mean the coverage is somewhere in-between light and full and it will look perfect and it will look natural too.

Look For The Day

We will start with applying lots of moisturizer and serums all over the face and then apply some primer and let it get absorbed, now before applying the foundation I will take some concealer and apply under my lower eye area, I am using the triangle technique to get perfect look and then I will apply the foundation and blend all very well and apply some lose powdered all over my face, I am using a slightly darker on my eyes though, but I am using plain face powder all over my face.

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Now since I am happy with my skin and it is the perfect blank canvas I love and now I am ready to add some shade in it and for that I will take some warmth shad and I am taking Chocolate Soleil Bronzer to not only add some shade all over the face and contour the face too, I am adding some maroon on the back of my hand and then bounce my bronzer brush in it to add some healthy glow on my cheeks.

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Next thing that I need to do is fill the gabs if my eye brow ad for that I am using light brown eye shade and I am using the thinnest brush I have and blend it all well, and then I am taking shiny skin color an apply all over the movable lid and then a slightly brown shade on the crease to get the depth in my eyes and then take plain black eye pencil and apply at the outer end of upper eye lid and then blend it well, but not all over just on the same line and then take a light brown gel liner and apply a wing and finish the look with light brown mascara.

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At the end I am applying a pencil coat all over my lips, I don’t match with the shade I rather match with my lips and then apply the light baby pink lip gloss and ready to go.

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