Look Younger With Makeup

If you want to look young then you just need to take two pictures of yourself, one of the time when you were young and one of your current look and now you need to compare both of these looks and you need to make sure you pay all of the attention of those features that look different now and I bet it would be the skin complexion , the look of your eye lids, your lashes, your eye brows, and the cheeks,  and that shows one thing, to get the look of 10 years ago, you just need to fix wrinkles and dark spots, you need to give your soggy skin a lift and you and some more and that is what we are going to help you with.

Look Younger With MakeupFirst of all, I want you to pay all of your attention on your looks and your skin, use home remedies and eat healthy balanced food and add lots of healthy activities, nothing is better than swimming for your skin for sure, and now we will give you some very simple and very interesting tips to look young in no time at all.

We will start with foundation or concealer and I would say pick creamy, luminous foundation that matches the skin on your lower cheeks, you can go a shade lighter or darker, don’t pick a dramatic look at all, no you need to take some in your hands and rub it between your palm for 2 -5 seconds and then apply it all over your face with your fingers, it will not only help you get the perfect deviation, it will actually help you get perfect blending too, now you need to take a slightly dim blending sponge and blend the foundation or concealer outer word an keep blending till you get a light veil of coverage that diffuses the look of any fine lines and give you a fine smooth look.

Eyelids & Lashes:- Next thing that you need to fix is your eyes and your eye lashes, use best primer possible and then blend well and then take pencil eyeliner and Pull your outer corners taut, then wiggle the pencil in between your lashes. Wing the liner slightly upward as you finish your outer corners and it will not only give your older looking eyes a lift, it will make your eyes look even more beautiful and even more stylish, but no matter how badly you are addicted of lower lash liner, you have to skip liner below your lash line at any cost now, it will make your look deep, but not in good way.

Look Younger With Eye MakeupTake the lightest bronze eye shadow and apply it over the creases of your eye and blend it well to get a beautiful depth in your lids and then take some champagne hue onto lids up to the bronze and use white eye pencil with your eye brow and then blend it with your finger and then take a lighter highlighter and apply on your eye brow bone and on your inner coroner of your eyes and apply black mascara on your eye lashes to make them bright and open.

Now you can use mineral bronzer for your cheeks and you can use it for contouring too, and if you don’t want to use plain bronzer then you ca always add some shade in it, but use the original shade that you have on your cheeks, like light baby pick, rosy pick or light orange pink, it is up to your own skin tone, instead applying on your cheeks, I would say apply on the underneath of your cheeks and then apply some highlighter on the cheeks and upward to the outer cornet or your eye  and that will give your soggy skin a lift and another tip is use cream or gel blush to get a better result.

Best Make Skin Look YoungerApply a layer of lip pencil all over your lips, the shade that you have naturally and then apply some light shades and shiny lip gloss.