Makeup Tips For Blondes & Best Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips For Blondes, I know lots of Blondes who believe that being a blond snatch all of the fun of natural shades and it is not fun to carry bright shades to look alive, but I personally think that every one of us is beautiful  and has some simple features which make us look perfect and which can make us look our best, we just need to get that one look or looks, now today we are going to give you some Simple Tips which will help all of the blonds out there who think that they cannot look blonde bombshell with natural looks, and you will actually see how simple it is to get Perfect Looks with your natural features.

Makeup Tips For Blondes

Makeup Tips For Blondes & Best Makeup Tips

Here are some tips for all the blonds or girls with lighter shades of hair and skin:

Flutter Your Eyelashes:- I know that if you are naturally blond then you would have pale eyelashes, so experiment with mascara, until you find the one that suits you and your looks, normally I suggest all the blonds to try dark brown, black or dark blue which not only compliment their skin tone, prominent their eyes too, but never ever thick to get your lashes dyed ever, keep things natural and safe.

Flutter Your Eyelashes

Groom Your Eyebrows:- AS you have light shade of facial hair and your skin tone too so you need to give your skin some help you get natives and for that bleach your eye brows and dye them in light brown or maroon shade, and it will help you to get better definition on your face and pay attention of your eyebrow grooming and shape too, and no matter where you are going, makeup tips for blondes never ever forget to groom your eye brows properly.

Groom Your Eyebrows

Pick Right Eye Shadow:- You were born with light skin tone and neutral light hair color, so heavy tones on your eyes will really stand out and will look unnatural too, pick soft shades of browns and gold, they look pretty good on your and if you want to add some shade then pick light pastels, makeup tips for blondes they would work the best with your light eyes.

Pick Right Eye Shadow

Bright Lips:- Say No to yellow based colors for your face or for your lips as they never work with blond hair, instead they will make you look ill or washed, instead of these shades pick pink, but if you want to move from a Barbie look, to more of a Marilyn Monroe image, bright red did wonders for Marilyn so it work for you too, makeup tips for blondes but be very careful cause not all the shades of red look good on blonds.

Bright Lips For Summer

Golden Foundation:- Your were born with light pale completion and it is okay if you use tint moisturizer time to time, but it is not good to hide your natural skin all the time, pick shiny gold tint foundation or concealer and blend it with your skin and get the fair looks, makeup tips for blondes and they look perfect with your natural blond hair, enhance your skin color, yet still stay looking natural and then go for light warm cheeks and look classy bombshells even without adding dramatic touches.

Golden Foundation Makeup