Makeup Tips For Working Women & Office Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips For Working Women & Office Makeup TipsMakeup Tips For Working Women,Today we are going to work on some simple tips for woman who has work and home to handle too and for that, I am giving you some simple tips, which would not take lots of your precious time and will give you a Perfect Look too, cause one of the many challenges that working women face is picking the right makeup while going to work and mange to look beautiful and subtle too, not sexy of sultry, but graceful and still beautiful.

Makeup Tips For Working Women

Office Makeup Tips For Indian Skin

We all know that one need to look competent and professional during your professional attire, but that does not means that you should go with barefaced look, you don’t need to or you don’t have to or you don’t should do this to yourself, you just need to find the right balance between Makeup that makes you look gorgeous and enhances your beauty while it keep your look professional and subtle too.

If you have clear skin, which I would say you should, and then you should ditch the foundation, you can try tint moisturizer or BB Cream to ensure that your face look flawless, and apply a compact, but you need to have a routine to skin cleansing and pick the right things, makeup tips for working women pick the foundation or concealer which has sunscreen lotion and moisturizer too and if you don’t need to use foundation or concealer then avoid it all together and stick with moisturizer and sunscreen and if you wish to apply foundation then pick water-based one and don’t apply too much, less is enough.

Office Makeup Tips

Next thing you should do is, pay attention on your eyes, Line your eyelids with brown or gray eye shadow for a softer effect and apply loads of mascara to make your eyes look brighter and bigger, you can use lash curler for dramatic look, but keep the things simple and subtle, without a heavily made-up look, so try to get a natural and subtle look, don’t use bright shade or shimmer, makeup tips for working women and if you have to use then pick nude shades and blend till it look natural.

I normally say one should ditch the blush for office look, cause you should look as simple as possible and add beautiful  with the same look, if you really need to add some shade in your face then you can try some mineral bronzer and it will highlighter your cheeks to look chiseled, but don’t take blusher on your cheeks.

Stick to natural shades for your lips during office time, too bright may make you look over the top and odd too and if you are using shades then pick matte-based lipsticks cause they last longer and gloss or shimmer would keep you busy applying again and again, try natural shades of for pinks, makeup tips for working women, mauve and nude and if you have brown eyes and hair then shades of brown would look good too.

Best Office Makeup

Try to keep your hair out of your face and away from your eyes, don’t let them ruin your look, I know we all love to let our hair down, but keep it away from your work, you should not look like a hair product model, no matter how beautiful hair you have, keep them tied in some bands or elastic and look neat with some bobby pins, makeup tips for working women you can use some light cuter hair accessories if you really have to.